Cayman Island 2016 - Jake's Birthday

Published: March 10th 2016
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Hell Cayman IslandsHell Cayman IslandsHell Cayman Islands

Had to go to Hell on Jake's birthday
New Years Day 2016 AKA Jake’s 10thbirthday. We all slept in quite late (for us anyway). We all got dressed and went to Eats Café for breakfast. It was a pretty typical dinner type joint with pancakes, eggs, waffles. After breakfast we went to a town called Hell. It was quite the tourist destination, Hell, Cayman Island is an actual town with a post office. Inside the post office are tons of tourist trap type gifts, post cards, t-shirts (the typical I've been to Hell type memorabilia). The man at the cash register was an older gentleman dressed up like the devil. Full on Satan suit, I think he does this everyday. I got quite the kick out of it. We took the typical tourist pictures and bought two postcards and sent them off to friends back home. In the back part of the parking lot is a viewing area of the black rock lava fields which is where I think the town got it's name. There were a ton of jagged black lava rocks covering a large field. Again we took a few pictures then were back on our way back to the hotel for some more beach time. The waves weren’t quite as big as the day before but still a ton of fun to play in. We all enjoyed the beach more than the pool and spent most of our time there.

After the beach I tried to find something special for Jake to do on his birthday and we settled on Parasailing. I was able to make a reservation for Jake and Jeff at 3PM leaving from the Weston Hotel. It was Suzanne’s families last day on the island so we decided to split up in the afternoon and meet back up after dinner. We drove over to the Weston and Izzy and I were going to walk over to the Marriott to check it out while the boys went on their adventure. The beach was packed and it took us a while to find where the parasailing boat was supposed to meet us. We kept walking back n forth between the Ritz and the Weston before we were finally able to find where the boat took off from. After the boys finally took off Izzy and I started walking down the beach to find the Marriott. This part of the beach was much more crowded than where the condo was located. The beach was lined with beach chairs and hotels and condo complexes. The Marriott was much further than we thought and finally someone overheard us talking and told us it was about another 30 minute walk from where we were. Izzy was wearing a long dress and not in her bathing suit and I couldn't keep her out of the water because it was so hot.. At this point her dress was getting soaked so I got her out of the water and up to the top part of the beach where there was a semi private area. I was able to get her bathing suit on very discreetly under her dress. I was fully aware that I didn’t have any towels and no other dry clothes for Izzy so we headed back to the Weston to buy a towel and hopefully some dry clothes at their gift shop, but she was much happier now even though I was quite miserable and really wanted lunch and a cocktail.

At the Westin gift shop we were able to find a nice blue towel and a long sleeve Cayman shirt for Izzy. By the time we got out of the gift shop we were starving and Jeff and Jake had beat us to the pool side café. Lunch was delicious; just might be some of the best pool food I’ve had. The boys told us all about parasailing. Jake said it was so peaceful. He was nervous at first but once they got airborne it was so much fun.

After lunch we headed over to the Marriott to check it out. I was hoping to be able to check in a day early but they were completely booked, which explains why the beach was so crowded. We took a tour of the grounds and headed down to the beach. When you enter the hotel it is decorated in all neutral colors. The bar and restaurant were to your right. They had a crepe making station – Jake announced this is where we were eating breakfast in the morning. Out the doors from the lobby was a beautiful and relaxing courtyard. There was a pond with a fountain were in the middle surrounded by lush greens and many different seating areas, all wicker furniture some pods and comfy couches. The pond had a couple turtles sitting on a rock, we went around wondering if the turtles were fake, but once they finally moved we knew they were real. At the end of the courtyard was the entrance to the pool and beach. The pool was to the left, small but nice and the pool side restaurant was to the right. The beach was out in front with several beach chairs. The beach itself was very small and crowded. The beach chairs were lined up right next to each other and the rows went all the way into the ocean. We were able to find a couple empty chairs right up front and the kids decided to go for a swim. We made it to the beach in time for Sunset and the kids swam in the ocean while Jeff and I enjoyed the scenery. The kids were getting along so well and the sunset that night was absolutely gorgeous, it was my second favorite moment of the trip. The sky was so red, it reminded me of the many sunsets while living on Beals Island in Maine.

Once the sun went down we knew we needed to start heading back but would need to
Sunset Swim - seven mile beachSunset Swim - seven mile beachSunset Swim - seven mile beach

Marriott Grand Cayman - one of the most beautiful sunsets i've seen
eat dinner first. Since it was Jake’s birthday he got to decide where we were going to eat. We settled on Legends which was right next door to where we ate breakfast. I wasn’t very hungry from our late lunch and Izzy was having such a fit that it put me in an instant bad mood, I'm sure she was exhausted and cold from having to wear her wet bathing suit to dinner (remember I didn't have a change of clothes and her dress was still completely soaked). Dinner was good and we ordered a few chocolate fudge brownies and a candle to go. Once back at Suzanne’s we sang happy birthday and ate the brownies. I packed us up while the kids played video games and we all went to be a little early from being so exhausted from the night before.

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