Cayman Islands 2016 - Travel Day

Published: March 9th 2016
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Seven Mile Beach at SunsetSeven Mile Beach at SunsetSeven Mile Beach at Sunset

First view of Seven Mile Beach
I have to say the trip down was one of the easiest stress free travel day’s I’ve had in a long time. We had a 9:30 flight out of Boston connecting in DC. When we got to the airport the line to get through security was a mile long. I was dreading the wining and crying of how long it was taking. Just as we entered the line, a man who works for the airline told us if we just go across the street there was no line for security. We weren’t sure if we would still be able to get to our gate from there but he assured us we could. Sure enough the line was non-existent. We breezed through security it was a little walk to get back over to our gate but very easy. As soon as we found some seats we got the kids some breakfast and ourselves some coffee. We didn’t have to wait very long to board the plane. The plane was packed, no empty seats. I had upgraded our seats to have extra leg room but there really wasn’t much. We had a slight delay having to de-ice the plane and I was a
Bohemian layoverBohemian layoverBohemian layover

layover in DC. lots of books and flower headbands
little worried we would miss our connecting flight because we had such a short layover, but it ended up our next flight had a 45 minute delay so it worked out perfect. We landed in DC and had enough time to grab some lunch and go to the bathroom before we got on our next flight. Again I had purchased the extra leg room tickets and this time it was noticeable. The plane was only about ¾ full and there was no one sitting next to us in front of us or behind us. It almost felt like we had the entire plane to ourselves. The flight down was easy enough. The kids were entertained by their electronics and Jeff and I had a couple cocktails.

We were able to get off the plane pretty quickly because there was no one in front of us, which meant we got into the custom’s line before everyone else. And now off to get the rental car. It was a little bit of a walk and there were tons of chickens trying to cross the road. Yup that’s what I said. I could resist asking Jake, “Why did the chicken cross the
Jeff drives on the wrong side of the roadJeff drives on the wrong side of the roadJeff drives on the wrong side of the road

We got to experience driving on the other side of the road. We didn't kill ourselves even though we put the windshield wipers on constantly when trying to put on the turn signal
road?” Anyway, sorry I got side tracked, the rental car. In the Caymans they drive on the opposite side of the road than we do steering wheel and everything on the opposite side. Jeff took the first shot at driving. It was a little hairy as I was trying to read the map to Suzanne’s and navigate the rotaries and look for cars coming from a different direction. We finally made it to the condo all in one piece with no scratches to the car. We parked and walked into the complex, with a first view of the Caribbean.

The condo is absolutely beautiful. It’s bigger than our house with three bedroom and beautiful open kitchen into the living room and a large screened in porch. The condo is on the third floor so the views were outstanding. It was located on West Bay part of the Island; the beach was very secluded and quiet. The pool was located almost directly on the beach.

The kids got into their bathing suits as fast as they could and jumped into the ocean. We spent about an hour down at the beach before we headed up to get ready to

view of condo from the beach
go out to dinner. Suzanne had made reservations for us at the Brooklyn in Camana Bay. It was an Italian style restaurant with lots of outdoor seating. They served bread in a pot that everyone couldn't get enough of and quickly became a favorite memory. Ask the kids today what the best thing they ate in the Caymans and it will probably be pot bread. Camana Bay is a retail shopping area with lots of stores and restaurants on the bay side of the island, it reminded me of a lot of shopping areas in Phoenix. After dinner we walked around Camana Bay there was a man made island with hammocks and palm trees just off the shopping area. They were setting up for their New Years Eve celebration which everyone was very excited for. Everyone was pretty tired from the day of travel so we didn't stay out too late, we headed back to the condo and enjoyed a couple cocktails while the boys played their computer games and Izzy went to bed.

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Plane ridePlane ride
Plane ride

Izzy so excited to land

view of the pool and beach from screen in balcony
Suzanne's condoSuzanne's condo
Suzanne's condo

view of the beach from inside

kitchen and view of front entry way
pot breadpot bread
pot bread

first night restaurant. Everyone loved the "pot bread"

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