Grand Cayman West Coast Swing Dance party!

Published: April 28th 2009
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We overslept. That is how our day started in Grand Cayman.

We had hoped to possibly go snorkeling before we were to meet everyone in our Shazam group at Senor Frogs for a big West Coast Swing dance party, instead, we had enough time to walk around town for a little while before heading over for music and dancing.

What little we saw of Grand Cayman was just a standard port town. Fully content with all we'd accomplished at the other ports, it was nice to just kick back and have a few drinks and dance with everyone in a change of scenery.

Senor Frog's are all over the caribbean. They have crazy signs plastered all over the cielings and walls, as well as shots poured freely into any open and welcoming mouth. Grand Cayman was no exception. Here they let the DJ with our group (Jack) take over the booth and play our music.

Tatiana manned the squirt bottle and everyone danced swing, the macarena, cupid shuffle, you name it! Guys and girls alike danced on the top of the booths and had a blast acting like kids again. There was even something called "The Stroll" which reminded me alot of the end of Soul Train episodes, but here it was a couple that danced down the center before getting back in line to do it again... with a new partner each time. The chicken dance even surfaced!

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9th October 2010
Big Black Dick has a reputation around the Cayman Islands

I was there
I went on a cruise from Aug. 28 t Sep. 4 and we went to this same place in Grand Cayman and saw that statue.

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