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I guess you might be wondering Grand Cayman, again? If you could see how pretty the water is, how nice everyone you visit with is, you too would come again. Today was Day 1, where we pack up, leave home, head for the airport, wait for the plane, and then wait to land. This time, with Debby in the Gulf, we thought the ride might be longer, to fly around the storm. But with the heat so bad in Houston, the rough ride was taking off, and climbing. Heat thermals bounced the plane up, down, left right, pretty good until we got off the ground for about 45 minutes. Then, we landed, went through customs, got the bags sniffed by the 4 legged agent. One note, if you have a dog at home, that is all ... read more

January 2012 Report on Grand Caymanian Resort. Had another enjoyable stay in a nicely-equipped one-bedroom at the GCR. The resort is reportedly moving out of the Wyndham family and losing the Ramada connection; management is looking at other branding/marketing options, possibly switching to become a Holiday Inn Resort. It is moving away from a timeshare model, more toward hotel and condo rentals. They are no longer actively involved in timeshare sales, just fractional and whole ownership in the new building, but I was assured that our timeshare contract is good for its long-term duration. They are offering assistance with resales of units. My unit this time was 1209A, which worked out well for me for the most part, although it was not among my list of choices in my request. It was kind of midway, without ... read more

We have gone to Cayman's pretty much every year since 1995 or so with the exception of a few years right after the hurricane. November of 2011 was our third visit to the Ritz Carlton Grand Cayman. This resort has become one of our favorites in all of the Caribbean for both accomodations and food. Our first visit was a deal we got the last minute when we had to cancel the Four Seasons Emerald Bay due to a mosquito illness outbreak of some sort. We stayed on the club level at a resonable price for this resort approximately 5000.00 for the week. However, you really did not need to go out to eat as the club level at the Ritz is five servings a day that pretty much run into each other. Note: The Caymans ... read more

Day of Departure Flight is scheduled for 1:05, but since it is international, a 2 hour arrival window is 'suggested'. We got to the airport about 10:45, made it through security with normal delays (My insulin pump in hand through the body scanner). All other stuff in the baskets. Get dressed again, shoes on, and go down to wait for the plane to board. Passport checks, we are good to go. Mike and Gail are leaving Indianapolis and are scheduled to arrive an hour or so before us, so they can get groceries and stuff before we land. Opps, a landing light on the wing is out, so they are grounded in Indy until a new light is found (this is a daylight flight right? and don't you have light bulbs on hand for times like ... read more
Mike and Gail
Honey and Richard
Blow Hole

Carl and I really enjoyed our stay at the Ramada Grand Caymanian. The staff were really friendly and we were away from the tourist hordes, but we had to hike 2 kms to the Seven Mile Beach or 5 km into town. We tried a repeat of Friday night on the Saturday but didn’t find the regulars until late in the evening. We had dinner at Coconut Joe’s, then stopped by the Palms to find a slightly older crowd dancing away, then we walked 5km up the beach to the real party spot – Calico Jack’s. We had about an hour to watch the mosh pit before everything closed up because Cayman Rules require a midnight shut down on Saturday (so everyone makes it to church on Sunday morning). We took it easy on Sunday and ... read more
Sunset on Seven Mile Beach
Carl and the Fisherman
Richard and Carl getting their Open Water Certification

I visited with the Jave family for most of my stay in Toronto. Carl’s nephew, Joshua, was so happy to see his uncle. We also managed to meet up with a bunch of friends – Alex, Steve, Alistair, Brishen, Joanne, Beth and Richie. Carl talk me walking around half the city including the University of Toronto (UofT), the Art gallery of Ontario (AGO) and the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM). The dinosaur fossils section was particularly well presented. We had some fabulous meals including Lobster and Chinese Food. I managed to find a special present for Ann that she will have to wait for until I get back. We left for the Cayman Islands on a Friday. We flew over Varadero, Cuba during the flight. We walked out from the airport to Georgetown where Carl enjoyed his ... read more
The Jave Family - Steve, Debbie, Carl, Joshua, Anna
The Red Lounge (formerly Red Room) - Carl, Alex, Richard, Steve
University of Toronto

Georgetown We arrive at 4pm instead of 9am. due to engine problems. I note that the chief engineer is Bulgarian and his assistant Ukrainian. Rumour has it that the ship is going to fly out an engineer from Germany who will be with us for the rest of the voyage. The ship's captain is English, one of the few on board. We have had a day at sea and plenty of folk have taken the opportunity to fill us in on the history of the ship. No, its not new. In fact its quite old. It is only new to the Thomson fleet. Did we know about the incident in the Red Sea? how the ship got hurled against a sea wall and suffered damage? true or false we don't know. We are tendered ashore to ... read more

After rather a lot of travelling, we have now made our first Port of Call, although that was doubtful as rough seas prevented us dropping anchor and tendering ashore in the Caribbean!!! However Captain found a sheltered bay off the southern coast, and with the help of local tourist boats, and a shuttle service we have now found our way ashore and to the local library!!! The good thing is it has moved since our last visit and is now in a brand new building with excellent internet access! After a great New Year in Bristol with Katie, Jo Jeremy and the children, I set off on tuesday morning for Heathrow on the National Express bus!! along with my bag of "don't mind if I do" from Sally, and after a rather eventful checking in process ... read more
Well the lantern took off eventually!

Grand Cayman Same ship different day. At least it began that way… Until I got a hickey on my toe. The waters of the the Cayman Islands are the most beautiful I've ever seen. We booked a stingray excursion thru the ship but the night before we were scheduled to depart it was canceled. So we decided to look for one once we hit the island. After wading thru the usual duty free shops we walked on the waterfront area of George Town. That's when we saw the sign for Captain Marvin's. I had been told about Captain Marvin and his amazing tour of Stingray City from a co-worker but had somehow forgotten. We were able to walk up and book the excursion for a fraction of the price of the one thru the ship ... read more
back rub

After speaking at the conference, we headed to Grand Cayman for a week vacation. Sara Jo and Breanna were able to join us and we had a great time. Breanna totally loved being the center of attention and we loved giving it to her.... read more

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