Grand Cayman - 2012 Day 6

Published: July 1st 2012
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Bodden Town FestivalBodden Town FestivalBodden Town Festival

All of the guests were tasting some of the best fare available on the island

Grand Cayman - 2012 Day 6

After breakfast today, we decided to go to the Bodden Town festival. We had heard from one of the vendors downtown, that there was going to be festival at the Bodden Grounds. We had to find it first, but we waned to go since lots of vendors and chefs were going to be there letting the visitors and guests taste the various local food. Some of the chefs were from the 7 Mile Beach main international hotels.

After that, a trip downtown to check on t-shirts for those folks back home. Along the way, we stopped to take a few pictures of all the beautiful flowers on the trees. We did see an iguana in the Bayshore Mall parking lot, but he slipped away before we could capture it on digital.

Dragging in and out of the stores on Saturday is a lot better than during the week when boats are in the harbor. The street vendors are gone, but the shops are open for the straglers from 7 Mile Beach.

When that was over, we headed home, by way of Hurley's, the local grocery store. It is akin to Kroger,
Launa the JewlerLauna the JewlerLauna the Jewler

At the festival also selling her jewelry.
Randalls, HEB, etc. at home. Not a chain here, but a big store, compared to the small mom/pop stores.

Got back home and had to make supper. Buffalo wings, red snapper pan sauteed, and rice and black beans.

Getting close to the end of time here on this beautiful island.

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Parking lot into BayShore MaqllParking lot into BayShore Maqll
Parking lot into BayShore Maqll

Iguana slipped away before we could capture it on digital
Fish at the market downtownFish at the market downtown
Fish at the market downtown

We were looking for Red Snapper. Price per pound was only $0.25 difference between the flies and out in the open, versus Hurley's.
Lunch at MargaritavilleLunch at Margaritaville
Lunch at Margaritaville

A disappointment for most of us. The jerk seasoning, which we ordered, had plain BBQ sauce on it, not jerk seasoning. When I ordered my jerk burger, the waitress told me "you do know jerk seasoning is very spicy". "I hope so". Well, I guess the rating of spicy is fairly broad. We made good wings at home tonight. They were spicy.
Shoppers coming back to us.Shoppers coming back to us.
Shoppers coming back to us.

Crowds are not as big when the boats are gone.

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