You Can Tune a Piano but You Can't Tune a Fish

Published: April 5th 2016
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come on fishy fishy fishy
We had to slightly alter how usual morning routine today....Hank the care taker was here. You'd think raking leaves was strictly a chore in the fall for New Englanderand other areas with lots of deciduous trees, but it's also a mission here in the Caribbean...if you chose to accept it. The Sea Grapes drop their dead leaves every day...the leaves are thick and leathery and don't blow away. I keep thinking that the folks here need to learn about all the benefits of composting...these leaves would definitely need to be shredded to speed decomposition. We know they have beef cattle here so manure is available to add to the mix. Unfortunately all the chickens are free range so no way to collect their droppings.

We sat on the deck outside our bedroom, enjoying the view and breeze. It's going to be a steamy one today so we're glad we'll be spending the afternoon out on the water. Fred called our car insurance company and NO...we not covered here in the Cayman Islands....if we'd been in the Virgin Islands yes but not here. The claims agent said she'd call the rental company to see if she could do anything...haven't heard back from her. Fred called AAA because we used their travel money card to pay for the rental and NO they don't include rental car insurance as a benefit...just much for being a "Premier" member!!! We haven't heard from the rental agency either...maybe they'll just leave us alone....or maybe they'll be waiting for us at the airport Thursday and hold us hostage for some ridiculous amount of money.

We had a lazy morning, then gathered our stuff for the 4 hour trip, figuring we'd go swimming at our favorite spot after the fishing trip. There's a custom here where one third of the catch goes to the captain and two thirds goes to the angler...or visa versa...I can't remember what Captain Robin said. We met Robin and First Mate Andrew at Scott's dock at the end of Cemetery Road in West End at 1 pm. His boat was a 30' center console with twin 200 HP Honda Fourstroke engines. We headed out to fish the area between the west end of Brac and Little Cayman Island. A brand new lure fell off the line at the swivel...Robin said it was the second one like that....must be defective. It was mostly cloudy with a "cold front" moving in...we could see it raining in the distance but nothing near us. We continued along the south side of Brac and concentrated on an area where the Brown Boobys were fishing. We caught two Barracuda...Fred's fish shook his hook out and got away...the BIG ONE for sure!!!!! Robin said he'd use the Barracuda for bait to catch Tuna. We continued down the south shore, getting close enough to see the Bubble House (or mole according to Sandy) from the beach side....looks the same as the road side...small windows, no deck, gazebo, pergolas...nothing.

One thing that we talked about while waiting for the fish to show up, was the view....the only other land, other than Brac, we could see was Little Cayman Island in the distance. Everywhere else was flat dark blue water meeting the horizon...can't imagine how the ancient mariners ever found land just using the stars and a compass.

As the day went on, we caught nothing....Robin said it was looking like all we were getting today was a nice boat ride...yeah he was right. The cool breeze had created a small chop but the boat handled it well...very comfy ride...unlike others we've had in the BVIs...especially the one to Tortola!!!! The Boobys were now fishing at the point by the airport...8 of them diving into the to see. We went there and did some drift fishing...the water was 280' deep so a good spot for Wahoo. Andrew was cutting up the 'Cuda for chum, Robin was fishing...that is until a Trigger fish ate the bait and hook...all Robin had left was line. We caught another 'Cuda but had drifted into shallower water so we moved to a better spot. Fred caught a Black Fin Tuna, kept that, caught another that Robin used for bait to catch Wahoo. The tuna didn't want to run and went under the boat, then Robin got a big hit on the line and the drag went "zing". Turned out to be a decent size 'Cuda that had already chewed up most of the 12" long Tuna. So now we had more chum, the seas were calmer, and Robin went back to trolling. The Boobys were still working the area but father east of us. Fred and I figured our trip would be ending was 4 pm and our charter was over at 5 pm. Silly us...seems the fishing improves as the sun gets lower in the sky and the water cools a bit. We caught more Black Fin Tuna...good for eating, but not an exciting fish to catch. We stayed out fishing until 6:30 pm...long enough to see a beautiful orange sunset. We got back to the dock, paid Robin...gave him and extra $100 for his efforts...he said it was more than enough and asked if we wanted him to give us a price for the Tuna. Fred said no...we really didn't have the right stuff at the cottage to cook it, and told Robin to keep it and enjoy it! Robin seemed surprised but grateful...he offered to give us a tour of the local firehouse tomorrow. Robin's a part time fireman, full time least that's what he told us...and is working a 12 hour shift tomorrow, so maybe we'll stop by.

We were sun burnt, salty and very thirsty...decided to get pizza from Barracuda's...the name was fitting after our catch today...but their kitchen is closed on Mondays. We bought beer at Mary Lou's and found Po Po Jeb's Pizza...taking a few wrong turns and asking for directions more than once. We ordered a Hawaiian pizza and watch the beginning of the movie Fast and Furious 7 that was playing in their dining room. Got home in time to watch Syracuse vs Villanova in the men's Final Four game. I crashed way before Fred.

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6th April 2016

Did you decide?
I didn't know I could comment. Did you decide what your going to do ? I've been a lot of places, for long durations so I know it's a big decision. I look at it like me travel g now. I get home and realize how much I miss the place. Remember you'll have to get your money home and somehow filter it in if its tax free. Your gut instinct is usually right. Luckily for you knew is a trophy wife (except during the car accident incident) and she will have no problem working on her tan and taking fishing trips alone cause your working
6th April 2016

Hey's Fred's trophy wife...
We get a written offer from the hospital tomorrow so can't make a decision without seeing that first...need to see how the numbers compare to jobs in the states. We don't have a home to miss, so now is a good time to go.

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