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1) Some of the reasons books are banned in high schools is for protection for kids. They like to protect kids from sensitive topics like sex, profanity, and racism. Books are also banned when they talk about evil things. In addition, Books are banned to restrict another person's ability to choose.

2) I partially agree with the facts that some books should bbe banned that discusses sensitive topics because people get easily offended about those topics. I believe that books should be read based on maturity because some people can discuss about sensitive topics in a respectful way, while some people do not know how to.

3) I disagree with the fact that some books should get restricted based on "evilness." The first thing that comes to mind is Harry Potter. People constantly complain how people think of evil things after watching movies that deal with magic and things. What people fail to realize is that those things are not real so it is impossible to do.

4) I believe that parents pressure teachers on what the teach and what they should not teach because parents live with the kids. If kids start misbehaving the wrong way based on a book read in class, teachers will be the one that suffers te consequences from the parents.

5) You can bring up the first amendment if you wanted to fight against censorship. You can use this argument because everyone is entitled to the freedom of speech, which means they can read wat they want to read. Also, this means that teachers can not ban books

6) I believe that no one should be able to tell a kid what to read, except for the kid himself/herself. I say this because only yourself can tell you what you are capable of reading.


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