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Next stop, me second visit to Virgin Gorda and a first for Tanya. This place is one of the most beautiful I have been in the Caribbean, and for sure, one of the most fun one. But back in November 2017, Hurricane Irma destroyed many islands in the region, and the British Virgin Islands took a direct hit. We are visiting few months later. It's boats scattered all over. Roofs are either gone....or are brand new ones. The thing these people need today is to get those houses fixed, and those yachts to be repaired in order for tourists to come back to spend their hard earned cash! It's always the same thing for local populations...the faster the visitors are back, the faster life will be back to normal. At the end of the day, this ... read more
Amazing rock formations!
That's a beach!
Playing with the camera!

Our first port of call on our week-long Caribbean cruise was Road Town, Tortola, the British Virgin Islands. We didn't see any of the island at all though, as our plan of action was always going to be to visit The Baths National Park on Virgin Gorda. We hoped to make our own way there via public ferry, but due to a reduced time in port we missed this and had to join the tour organised by our cruise company. **Sidenote : I need to rant about this first change to our itinerary and the reason given for it. Our time in port was changed from 12:00-18:00 to 14:00-18:00 because 'due to hurricane damage we'd been advised to only visit during daylight hours'. Funnily enough though, when I was on the sun deck at midday it ... read more
Virgin Gorda
Virgin Gorda
Virgin Gorda

British Virgin Islands by the Numbers One fifty foot catamaran, a professional crew of two, three generations of people, all together nine happy family members including three incredible and awesome and fun teenagers (getting along beautifully), seven sailing days in the Caribbean and one birthday girl all to celebrate fifty years of wedded bliss! SUNDAY --- We met up at the Compass Point Marina on the island of St. Thomas in the US Virgin Islands. We hadn’t been together since Christmas (it was now July) so lots of hugging! We’re British Virgin Islands bound on the catamaran “Zephyr” with an overnight stop on the island of St. John. The afternoon afforded time for little snorkeling from the Zephyr to miniscule “One Butt Beach”! We are the only boat moored in the cove. Our surroundings are beautiful ... read more
Beach Jost Vandyck
Sandy Spit
Motley and Wet Crew

Saturday 20th December, 2014. Tortola, BVI, Leeward Islands, West Indies The British Virgin Islands (BVI) are a group of about 50 Islands only 4 of which are of any size. Their total land area is less than half that of the Isle of Wight. All but about 12 are uninhabited. The BVIs are generally volcanic and hilly except for Anegada (the 2nd largest) which is coral and flat. The first human inhabitants were the Siboney Indians who wandered nomadically from island to island picking up whatever they could to eat in the way of indigenous plants and fish. CC named them "the Virgins" because he thought them so beautiful and numerous that he compared them to St ursula and her 11,000 virgins martyred in Cologne during the early days of Christianity. St Ursula's Day coinciding with ... read more
59.  The Beach at The Baths NP
60.  The Beach at The Baths NP
61.  The Beach at The Baths NP

This is the second leg of a truly fun week. There are adventures to get each morning when we land somewhere else, but also fun time on the boat itself. The Club Med 2 has an open bar. Yes, that means free flow of pretty good things...all day long. So being on a French boat, you have Ricard for aperitif at lunch time if you are on the boat at lunch time...and pina colada by the pool before sunset, and obviously wine during meals. We are in the North Hemisphere end of November, so sunsets are early at around 5.30pm each day...with some pretty cool views from the swimming pool bar on the back deck. By 6pm, it's champagne time...all night long. Well, first it's shower time and getting change for the evening obviously...this is still ... read more
Club Med 2
Lobster time...
Little pina colada by the pool...

13thMay Baths, Virgin Gorda 12nm Sailed up to the Baths this morning (well motored actually). Had to wait for a mooring to become available as it was lunch time and all the mooring balls were taken. After probably close to an hour one became available so we jumped on and then went to explore the baths. You can't take your dinghy ashore, so you tie it off on a rope and then have to swim ashore. We snorkelled ashore and saw a very big baracuda in close on our way in. The Baths are stunning, massive granite rocks, pristine waters and sunshine making it all so blue and white. We went for a walk nearly over to the next bay on a small dirt track with heaps of massive cacti all around. Phil thinks Eliza might ... read more

The British Virgin Islands (or BVIs) The BVIs are a spot that we knew well before this trip began. We had chartered a small Sunsail boat here in 2007 so we had a fair idea of what to expect. As we dodged around “The Blinders” (barely hidden rocks in the pass through to Virgin Gorda) we saw that there is good reason that so many people charter here. Immediately you almost appear in a hidden sea where the winds and seas are gentle. No little wonder that the BVIs are where many take their first tentative steps into tradewinds sailing – they are simply magical. Our first stop was Spanish Town and check-in with all the customary obsequiousness to get officials to sign reams of duplicate forms. The BVIs must take the award for ... read more
Paul and the boys at The Bight
Samuel & Cameron explain the finer aspects of M&A to Paul
Cally & Rob at Anegada (Cow-Wreck Bay)

After 24 hours of travel we landed in Tortola with kids in tow. We spent the night t Marina Cay and got gas and water this morning. The girls were exhausted so it wasnt much of a good night sleep. Today is better so far. We provisioned at Spanish Harbor and are heading out to the north sound of virgin gordtodos afternoon? We wanted to go to Anagada today but too much shopping and organizing to do. The fishing pole is up though so hoping to catch some dinner on the way to the n sound. Managed to break the water pump last nightbut should have it fixed today. Pictures to come once Ifeet them uploaded.... read more

This is waltz blog We sailed from jost van dyke to gorda sound over two days. The sailing was great averaged about five knots Actually sailed into gorda sound between the channel marks doing seven an a half knots Spent are first night at anchor there in the sound Kp tried windsurfing but there was little wind this morning This afternoon we motor sailed to the baths and almost drown getting ashore We failed to notice the red flag warning for swell But it was great we had it all to are selves... read more

We woke up early for our adventure of the day and went to visit The Baths Natural Park. The Baths are a collection of hundreds of giant boulders at the SE point of the island. They form spectacular pools and grottos that fill with water at high tide. Its incredible for photos …just if the park would close to the public. Fee is $3 per person and only a short cab ride from the marina. It has a few shops and a restaurant at the top with an incredible view of the Caribbean islands.... read more
The Baths-  Virgin Gorda-2
The Baths-  Virgin Gorda-3
The Baths-  Virgin Gorda-4

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