Friday and Saturday...our last two days

Published: February 16th 2010
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1: Bubbly Pool 41 secs
2: More Bubbly Pool 67 secs
3: Bubbly Pool Trail 21 secs
Trail back to Diamond CayTrail back to Diamond CayTrail back to Diamond Cay

we're about a third of the way back to the car which is parked on the beach offscreen to the left. Foxy's Taboo is the small group of roofs you see in about halfway down the left border of the photo.
Friday was another lazy day spent on White Bay...when are we going to do something other than relax on the beach, swim, eat, read and drink??? Lisa wasn't feeling quite up to par...she's swearing off rum for the day. The North swell really got rockin' and rollin' today. Big rollers came crashing in all day and most boats left for calmer waters. Lisa and I finally got our happy hour on the beach...the guys brought us cheese and crackers. The plan was to buy drinks from the beach bar but it had already closed....we are on island time after all.

Dinner was at Corsairs. Check out their sushi...we didn't try it but have heard from several sources its the best! We chatted with folks from Wisconsin who were also staying on island. A friend of theirs fell on the trail back from the Bubbly Pool and had an open fracture of her ankle. It's a 10 minute walk from the pool to an area where a car can get to. The trail is just a footpath winding up and down hill, around boulders, under trees and full of tree roots and slippery rocks. They got a plastic chair and wooden
More of the trailMore of the trailMore of the trail

it continues downhill, around to the left of the salt pond and underneath the trees. You get a better view of Foxy's Taboo from here.
board from Foxy's Taboo to load her on and get her to a truck. Lucky for her she was traveling with two nurses, one of whom had been an EMT. People donated towels, sarongs, t-shirts which were used to stabilize her leg. The drive from Diamond Cay to Great Harbor is hilly, twisty and a bumpy ride...can't imagine the excruciating pain she was in. They held up the ferry to Tortola while she got shots for the pain at the local clinic. All in all, it was over 8 hours before she got into surgery at the hospital. We're told it had no window screens...only shutters, no AC, no TV, no call had to yell for the nurse and only one operating room. She'll have an interesting flight home...American Airlines was not helpful at all. I've uploaded a few videos from the Bubbly Pool so you can get a better idea of what its like. Lisa and I had talked about what would happen if someone got hurt at the we know!

After dinner we went to Ivan's Stressfree for the start of his 19th Anniversary celebration and to meet up with the brothers from Canada. It
This is just the start of the tough partThis is just the start of the tough partThis is just the start of the tough part

Just imagine carrying a person, with an open fracture to their ankle, in a plastic chair down this trail. God bless them!
was only 9:30 PM but the bar was closing so we went to Foxy's for a drink. It's always a great place to people watch and we were treated to quite a show that night. A young woman was having a great time dancing with Melvin and even just all by herself...I'm sure I never acted like way...not ever!!!! The D.J. was doing his usual "Strokin'" contest so we watched the men's competition and left when he started picking women to dance. We played a quick game of setback at the villa...David won.

Saturday we had a breakfast of whatever was left in the fridge besides beer, rum and lettuce. I made bacon and cheese sandwiches on english muffins which we washed down with very strong Bloody Marys....couldn't let the mix go to waste....besides we needed our daily serving of veggies. The North swell was still going strong so we went back to the Bubbly Pool being extra careful on the trail. None of us wanted to go home tomorrow so we decided to drown our sorrows and make it a pub crawl back to our villa. We got drinks at Foxy's Taboo...if you're ever there try "Friggin
Hey we got 4WD....wanna go off road?Hey we got 4WD....wanna go off road?Hey we got 4WD....wanna go off road?

Wash out on road inbetween Great Harbor and Little Harbor. It's gotten worse since last year.
in da Riggin"...a very tasty frozen fruit and rum drink!!! Lisa did some gift shopping and we headed to Syndey's Peace and Love in Little Harbor. Had lunch...not the best...will opt for Harris's next time, and then drove to Great Harbor. Check out the photos from our drive...see what can happen after too many drinks!!!!!

After more souvenir and gift shopping (check out the booth next to Wendell's World where a woman sells bracelets and necklaces made from woven leather and beads) we had drinks at Foxy's then moved on down Main Street to Corsairs. We met two ladies from Norway who actually liked Freddie's jokes, and two other couples visiting on a day trip. We all did a round of shots of Patron Silver....Lisa even finished hers...she'd been a light weight all day leaving most of her drink in the glass. We went to Ivan's, found Greg and Gareth and arranged to give them our leftover provisions tonight. David, Lisa, Fred and I all decided the boys should also get the inflatable girls to keep them company for the remainder of their 4 month stay on JVD. We made dinner reservations for Ivan's BBQ for our last dinner
HMM...maybe we wanna rethink thatHMM...maybe we wanna rethink thatHMM...maybe we wanna rethink that

looking downhill over the edge of the road...okay if you're a goat...
of our vacation. We were so depressed when we got home....our vacation was coming to an end and we had to start packing up all our stuff. You've never heard so much whining and complaining. Freddie found some Jimmy Buffet music and cranked up the volume on the stereo just to drown out the moaning and complaining.

Ivan gave a history of his life and bar/campground on JVD before dinner. He started in 1991, when the only thing along White Bay was trees, using a pick ax to begin to carve out the tent sites. It has evolved over the years and Ivan has seen many changes come to JVD...including electricity. After eating to excess, we gave Greg and Gareth all the goodies(bug spray, antihistamine tablets, beer, rum, fruit, etc), got their email addresses, made sure they'd called their Mom, and wished them well for the rest of their trip.

Additional photos below
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See what happns when you ignore the orange cones.See what happns when you ignore the orange cones.
See what happns when you ignore the orange cones.

We figured with our luck, this would be the vehicle they try to rent us next year.
Boy what a day...I don't wanna go home!!!Boy what a day...I don't wanna go home!!!
Boy what a day...I don't wanna go home!!!

David in a hammock right outside Foxy's....too pooped to party.
whaddya mean we gotta go???whaddya mean we gotta go???
whaddya mean we gotta go???

You want me to leave now....what are you crazy...there's snow at home.
I not going...I'm gonna take my duckie and stay right hereI not going...I'm gonna take my duckie and stay right here
I not going...I'm gonna take my duckie and stay right here

Lisa and Duckie just dreading the chore of packing up.
Ivan's 19th Anniversary BBQIvan's 19th Anniversary BBQ
Ivan's 19th Anniversary BBQ

The last supper...don't Lisa and Fred just look so excited!!!!
Alright...we're gonna have some fun nowAlright...we're gonna have some fun now
Alright...we're gonna have some fun now

Greg and Gareth with the girls....Lucy on the left and Tereza on the right. Heard the girls were seen outside the boys tent the next morning. This is a G rated blog so I won't say how they were posed. Boys will be boys.

16th February 2010

Great times
HAHAHA I love the blog... miss you guys, amazing meeting you all... coming to new york on monday, maybe i can set up a road trip. great pics. Blog is an awesome Idea... cheers guys... thanks for taking care of us... you all are unreal... greg
17th February 2010

we all enjoyed meeting you and Gareth. You're both great guys and are so very lucky and smart to have planned your trip to JVD. We were really impressed! Please let us know when you come to New York (she must be quite a girl)....we'd love to see you again. I'll email you our phone numbers and addresses. Take care of yourselves and "the girls".

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