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August 21st 2007
Published: September 10th 2007
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Mom & me at TikalMom & me at TikalMom & me at Tikal

Was so proud of my mom, she hiked up a 150 ft temple!
I don't even have the words to describe how amazing my last week was in Belize. I spent the entire summer in Belize, it was all incredible, but the last week was completely the work of God. So I'll try to make a long story short of what happened last week & then I'll fill you in on the summer of missions in Belize! Last week's trip was a group of dentists & a doctor that came to serve in a village called La Democracia. God started planning this trip a long time ago, before the group even knew about it! The group is from Seattle, WA. They were suppose to go to Honduras this summer. But a tragic accident happened & they weren't able to go. So they contacted PPM & asked if they could meet with us to talk about Belize. Well, I just happened to be in Seattle with Amy on vacation....how convienient! I was able to meet with them in person & they signed up right away! So we get to La Democracia, a very poor village about 30 minutes from the capital, Belmopan. On Sunday we were walking around the village inviting people to come to the dental/medical clinics during the week. A woman came out & asked if we had anything for burns. Not just any burn, turns out, her son of 15 years had gotten 40% of his body burned 1 month ago!! He had been released from the hospital the day before because his doctor went on vacation! HE SHOULD NOT HAVE BEEN RELEASED! He was in serious need, needed to be hospitalized. So, his bandages needed to be changed daily & he had no way of getting to & from the hospital, as his family couldn't afford it. So they were hopeless & didn't know what they were going to do. Thankfully our group arrived JUST in time! We took him to get changed while we were there. So we checked around & turns out NOTHING was happening. He wasn't going to get the treatment he needed & could die. We kept getting the runaround & no one was taking responsbility! So frustrating!!! So, we ended up making tons of calls & finally the doctor got in contact with Shriner's in Galveston who accpeted Joshua to their hospital! They are going to take care of immigration, flights, visas, etc! PRAISE GOD!! Now
Altun HaAltun HaAltun Ha

Mayan Ruins
because of the hurricane his flight is delayed but he will get there! Stay tuned for my update!

Now, the rest of this summer....this blog entry won't do justice to the summer in Belize. If you were there, then you know what I'm talking about. You have to 'experience' it. This will be a very abreviated version of the summer. I wish I could do more, to make you see, how much God did. But I know I can't. So, I arrived in Belize June 12...seems like FOEVER ago!!! My first trip was very unconventional...for starters it was a mayan village & we stayed in huts on the ground! Well, the staff took turns...shhh....anyway, the mayan culture is so different, very primative. It was a tough week, but also an amazing one! The group was from PA & they were really hard working!

The 2nd week is one of my highlights of the summer! I LOVE the group that came! Grace Community Church from Cali. It was their 2nd time to come to Crooked Tree. A big group of 41 came & they are already signed up for next year!Third week, let's see...ahh yes, Friendship Baptist, also
Caye CaulkerCaye CaulkerCaye Caulker

Spent 2 days here with my mom. And of course we come here once a week with our teams...never gets old!
2nd time returnees, served at Queen Street Baptist Church. This group, my goodness, so gifted, especially in music! They helped repair an orphanage we work with, which is where I fell in love with my baby, Chenell. I want to adopt her! She's 2 & the most precious thing I've ever seen! I miss her already!

My 3rd week in Belize....I spent with my mom!! Yeah, she came down for 1 week & it was awesome! We went to Old Belize, San Ignacio (my favorite city in Belize), Flores, Guatemala, cave tubing, Caye Caulker, & some trip set-up & she was such a trooper! As hot as it was & I'm always on the go, especially because I wanted her to see so much! It was really cool that she got to see where I work, who I work with & what it is we actually do!!

Moving right along, 4th week...was in my favorite area, the twin towns, San Ignacio & Santa Elena, close to the western border & Guatemala. We had 3 teams combined so it was logistically challenging, but turned out great! Worked with Emily, Dan & Janell who have turned out to be great
Dental ClinicDental ClinicDental Clinic

Working on patient in the church.
friends of mine!

5th week....goodness....so many weeks.....it's hard to keep them straight....oh yeah, of course, this was the week my home church came!!! Incredible! They joined a group from Amarillo & 2 guys from TN & served in a beautiful spanish speaking village in the mountains called Armenia. The groups bonded so well you couldn't tell where one group started & the other began! Also that week we had another group from Canada serving in San Martin, so it was kind of like 2 trips in one. So I was all over the place. I wanted to spend time with my church, but as the trip leader, I had to be at both ministry sites. The San Martin trip was amazing! They helped a drunk guy come to Christ!

Let's see, 6th week (stay with me) was spent in Hattieville, my favorite church to work with! So welcoming, really does feel like family there! It was the 2nd time for Alien Youth to return to Hattieville & they were joined by another group from NE & 2 guys from Dallas. After that trip I was able to go home for 3 whole days!!! Short, but much needed.
Goofing Off on the CayeGoofing Off on the CayeGoofing Off on the Caye

Oh the life on the caye....strolling along the beach, swing on rope, continue with the stroll.....nice...

Then for the last minute booked trip to La Democracia that I explained at the beginning of this entry. Way to end an incredible summer! Joshua is suppose to be flying out today to Shriner's hospital in Galveston, TX! Will let you know!

Sept 18th, added entry: I got an email from Sally, the doctor in Seattle. She said, Joshua had surgery for skin grafting. The nurse said he was doing well but would be there until they were sure the grafts wouldn't be rejected. Apparently he was infected and sick when he arrived in Galveston and they had to rush him to the hospital.Joshua is doing well and is going home this Friday. He's in great spirits and says he can stand up straight and walk without pain. He has to return to Galveston every 6 months for the next two years for further reconstructive surgeries, so Blaine has set up an account at Shriners for him inorder to cover these future expenses.

Also, check out Tati's Blog. She helped save a boy from Belize that was going blind. He is now recovered! Incredible!

Thanks so much for your prayers this summer! Lives were forever
Extreme MakeoverExtreme MakeoverExtreme Makeover

La Democracia: Ms. Young's house before the construction began.
changed! I always say this but I feel so blessed that God called me to be part of such an amazing organization. The people I work with are some of the most amazing people I've ever met. I'm actually headed up to Minnesota for the fall, will be staying at Becky's (who works w/ PPM). She has an extra room in her house so I'm like, sure, I'll stay there for a couple months, even though I'll be in & out a lot. Although most of the fall is spent traveling in the US to conferences. But it will be nice to have a base, a place to actually unpack my things. For the past 1.5 years, I've been staying between 3 houses! It'll be my first time to pay rent in over 3 years! Okay, I think it's about time I grow up! I'm almost 26 for crying out loud! Speaking of turning 26, my bro, mom & aunt are going to New Orleans for my bro's & my bday. Watch for that blog coming up!

So, Praying Pelican Missions is a non-profit organization. Right now we currently serve in Belize & Jamaica. In the upcoming years, we
Ms. Young's Finished House!Ms. Young's Finished House!Ms. Young's Finished House!

The finished product! Looks like a new house!
hope to expand to Africa...and beyond! Let me tell you, God is moving in PPM! He is doing some amazing things! With the help of supporters, we are able to provide quality, life-changing short term mission trips. The lives of the people that go on the trip & the people in the country we're serving in are forever changed! Lots of times, the team going on the trip say that they thought they were going down to minister to the Belizeans, but actually it was the Belizeans who ministered to them! They have such strong faith, and have so little. So, as an organization, we need people to help us continue on our mission. If you would like to donate, you can do so on our website. It is tax deductible. Thank you so much! We couldn't do it without you!

Sept 9, 2007 Update: Praise God...Joshua was taken care of at the hospital! And, we had 2 teams help with hurricane relief from Hurricane Dean. Hurricane Felix turned out to be not as bad as was predicted. Thank you for your prayers! Check out the video above from Pastor Lloyd Standford. He is inviting people to come &
Sting Ray AlleySting Ray AlleySting Ray Alley

We get to swim with the rays!!
help with hurricane relief. If you feel called to help, please let me know!

Additional photos below
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Armenia kidsArmenia kids
Armenia kids

Pelican friendsPelican friends
Pelican friends

Dan, me, Tati, Bri, & Burton...on Caye Caulker
Caye CaulkerCaye Caulker
Caye Caulker

We spent a day & a half just relaxing, swimming, reading, walking around...ahhh, the caribbean life.
Tikal, Mayan RuinsTikal, Mayan Ruins
Tikal, Mayan Ruins

2nd trip to Tikal, but still stunning!
Mommy Bear in FloresMommy Bear in Flores
Mommy Bear in Flores

Spent 2 days in the lazy town of Flores in Guatemala.
Streets of FloresStreets of Flores
Streets of Flores

Love this little cobble-stone, sleepy town in Guatemala. It's an island surrounded by a lake.
Mom climbing templeMom climbing temple
Mom climbing temple

Mundo Perdido was 125 ft! She was scared to climb up it, but she did great...all the way to the top!
125 Ft temple!125 Ft temple!
125 Ft temple!

I have to admit, it's a little scary, no rails, ancient steps, super high! But so beautiful once you get to the top!
Building a rampBuilding a ramp
Building a ramp

The group built a ramp for Violet's (our cook)husband. He couldn't leave his house. And look at their grandson, Akeem...precious!
Cave TubingCave Tubing
Cave Tubing

We had a private tour cave tubing at Caves Branch, our tour guide, Luis...was awesome!
Pelican LadiesPelican Ladies
Pelican Ladies

Emily, Laura, Tati, Bri, & Me. LOVE THESE LADIES!!!
President of PPMPresident of PPM
President of PPM

This is Matt, he's awesome. Growing up, he thought his name was Matthew Chatterbox Pfingsten....no kidding.

14th September 2007

So i loved reading about your entires summer.. since i was only apart of two weeks. :D Miss you...p.s. we need to pray about Africa some more...and with Emily toodles
16th September 2007

You still single??
18th September 2007

hmmmm....who's asking? How you doing Bob? Still in Houston?

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