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We were up early again this morning for the sunrise. There was a little bit more wind this morning, but perfect temperature. We headed to the Placencia Village to Carmen's for breakfast. We had "stuffed fry jacks" and the "fry tacos". Carmen's is where the locals go for breakfast. The 4 of us 8 for about 7 US dollars. The plan for the day was to go to some of the Mayan Ruins. We headed south of Placencia and first stopped at the Nim Li Punit Ruins. We were really the only ones there and were able to go through the visitor center and the ruins without seeing anyone else. The Nim Li Punit Ruins are known for a jade piece of jewelry that was found. A replica was in the visitor center. The ruins also ... read more
Nim Li Punit ball court
Carmen's stuffed fry jack

So... theres a bit to update on! On new years eve during the day we went on a snorkelling tour from around 11am to 4pm. We had many options but for a few annoying reasons which i wont go into, we ended up booking on a speed boat, but it ended up being a pretty great day out. We stopped at 3 places to snorkel, there were 9 of us on the boat plus 2 crew. The first place was called .............. it was the first marine park in Belize and its beautiful with lots of big big fish, a few sharks and green sea turtles swimming lazily around! The second stop was shark and ray ally and you instantly saw why, we were surrounded most of the time by many rays, only a couple of ... read more
more turtles
lazy hammock over the water

My time in Belize is drawing to an end. Over the past couple of weeks I have realized how comfortable I have gotten living in this environment. I’m getting used to the heat, if that is possible. I still squirm when I see a giant spider crawling in my room but my first reaction is not to bludgeon it with my hiking boots (which in the wet season are little more than weapons against insect invaders in my thatch). I know my way around the farm kitchen and have even had the opportunity to show new interns how to light the fire, harvest and learn to cook with unfamiliar foods. It does not ever strike me as strange to have to ford a river, walk two miles, and take an hour long bus ride to get ... read more

Three weeks down, six to go. Time has been going by pretty quickly, although a day in the life of a kitchen intern resembles nothing like a routine yet. The wet season is getting underway in southern Belize. Heavy rains have swollen the rivers, turning the winding turquoise stream into a swift muddy river. It’s still beautiful but much harder to cross without an experienced person in the dory. Between experiments in trying to prepare meals from the food on the farm (and trying to come up with creative ways to use the excess number of bananas that keep showing up), I have had some opportunities to do some exploring and volunteering in Toledo district. Two weeks ago another intern and I took a day to volunteer with a food distribution program for elderly people in ... read more
Road back from Nim Li Punit
The Kitchen

I arrived in Belize on May 28th and have been at the farm where I will be working for the summer for over a week. I caught my domestic flight to Punta Gorda (PG) without a problem and enjoyed watching the green scenery below only broken occasionally by a river winding its way to the Caribbean or by a burning field. The flight stopped three times at single-runway airports that were mostly surrounded by water and bordering a small town before I got off in PG. Because I was not taking the bus to San Pedro Columbia until the next day, I had made a reservation at a guesthouse. Unfortunately my room was given away on accident before I got there, but the man who had taken the room graciously helped me find a different place ... read more
My Thatch
Cobb Oven

!!!! eviter de regarder les photos de cet article si vous etes au bureau et que la journee est grise!!! apres une longue matinee en bus, nous sommes finalement arrive a Belize City. Nous ne pensions pas rester au Belize car les prix sont beaucoup trop haut, mais un seul coup d'oeil sur la mer des caraibes et les photos des iles nous ont fait changer d'avis...juste une nuit, une seule. Nous avons donc pris le bateau-taxi jusque San Pedro et avons passe une journee dans un petit paradis aux eaux bleue turquoise. Pas grand chose d'autres a raconter en fait, car on ne fait pas grand chose sur les iles a part profiter du moment present...mais les photos vous en diront plus ;)... read more
postal card, no?
island in the sun

The last time I visited Belize, I had the fortune to go on one of the most unique tours on this continent, the ATM Cave Tour. Since being in that wet dark cave, I have learned alot about the unique creatures that live in absence of light and heat, and swore I would never be crazy enough to enter again. Until St. Hermann's cave last November....and now the cave at the mouth of the Blue Creek waterfall was calling me inside.... The Southernmost district of Belize, Toledo, has about 55 miles of paved road and the rest remains an expanse of hard to reach wonders! Blue Creek is really off the beaten path, and there are very few tours to this remote spot. We had heard about the Blue Creek waterfalls and cave from a few ... read more
No straightforward hikes in this country!
The pools at the basin of the falls
One small seies of the wonder!

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