Nothing Like a Nice Hot Shower

Published: December 20th 2014
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We decided two things when we first arrived in Belize, 1 - no complaining, and 2 - no list making. Being business owners and living in a small town, we find that our lives generally revolve around lists. Lists of things to do for work. Lists of things to buy in town. Lists of things to not forget - we are starting to get to that age after all. Sometimes I go downstairs to get something and by time I'm down there I've completely forgotten what it was. Yes, we are getting older indeed. As for complaining, I think it can be easy to see your glass half empty instead of half full.

Subsequently, I am not allowed to complain that we have only barely warm, not hot, water which doesn't provide the best of shower experiences. Nor could I complain that I wasn't completely convinced that our dishes were really getting cleaned. Also the fact that our microwave didn't work at all was just another minor inconvenience we can easily work around. I did have a little trouble when our clothes dryer was spraying black grease all over the laundry, lucky that happened on a load of towels that came with the place and other than one of Ian's t-shirts, none of my stuff got wrecked, so it's all good. We stick to hang drying from here out since we didn't bring many clothes and there's not really anywhere to buy clothes in this small fishing village.

This also means if we go out and have a 'not so great' meal - no complaints, we just don't eat it and go somewhere else. Or when the selection of the groceries is less than desirable, we just keep looking. Or, if we have to wait a really long time to get served or the people at the grocery store are rude - we just smile and say thank you.

We've done better than I thought with these rules generally remembering what we need when we go to town although usually there is one or two things we forget, but then we don't really have much else to do on vacation.

You can imagine how happy I am when our caretaker shows up with an electrcian to fix the microwave, but more importantly the hot water! Yes! After three weeks of coolish showers. I stand in this glorious hot liquid running down my body, lather rinse repeat, over and over until the entire tank of hot water is exhausted. I will always remember this as the best hot shower of my entire life.

I think we will keep rule 1 going - even when we get home, but rule 2, no list making, that is definitely a rule we will need to break.


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