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Published: January 15th 2008
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Child at Seine BightChild at Seine BightChild at Seine Bight

The little cutie was very shy and wouldn't tell me his name. But isn't he sweet!
As always, we've had a great day. This will be a short entry, given I've given you a fuller update this morning. The day was action packed! Breakfast for a couple of hours in the Secret Garden, followed by a facial. Wonderful! I couldn't get a massage as I have gotten a bit sunburnt. But even this has its uses - we went snorkelling the other day with a couple from the States, at Laughing Bird Caye. I was wearing a yellow bikini, and was keeping close to our guide Gerald (part man part fish as you may recall). They thought it was very helpful that my yellow and red striped bum made such a great beacon!!

Anyhow, later this afternoon Lucy and I biked to the nearby village of Seine Bight, only about 3 miles away. The road wasn't paved for most of the way (reinforcing our view that the bus would have been a complete nightmare) and was so incredibly bumpy that Charlie nearly got his wish of an R-rated blog (see previous post for explanation). The little fishing village itself wasn't terribly exciting, but I guess that this is what Placencia must have looked like before it
Bike ride to Seine BightBike ride to Seine BightBike ride to Seine Bight

This Garifuna village was a hot ride from Placencia
became developed. Doyle says when he was growing up the population here was only 200; now it's more than five times that. But still not what you'd call a buzzing metropolis.

I've mentioned before that it's hot here - as we biked back into Placencia we noticed that the plastic slide in the school playground was partially melted, so that's exactly how hot it gets! I'm not sure about the wisdom of biking in the middle of the day, but the breeze made it seem bearable.

The food here is fantastic. We didn't write about food much in Guatemala because it was just average mostly, but here it is heavenly. We could quite easily become a huge Mama if we wanted! The seafood is divine - I've had shrimp, lobster (a lot!), kingfish, conch..... you name it. Also lots of lovely fresh salads, fantasic gelato from an Italian gelateria, plus I've discovered an excellent brand of organic Belizean chocolate that is to die for! I'm not sure how much room will be left in our packs, after we've bought the coconut rum that is, but there's plenty to tempt us if we want.

Last day tomorrow sadly. Hopefully we'll spend it with Gerald snorkelling a Caye somewhere...But now it's time for happy hour, and that is one of our highlights. I'd better not be late!

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