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Good afternoon all After a restful time on the island of Caye Caulker, it was time to see some locations in the rest of Belize. My next stop was Belmopan, the country's capital. Belmopan owes its existence to a hurricane. One feature of this coastline is that it has been constantly ravaged over the years by hurricanes with seemingly harmless names like Wilma, Iris, Stan, Mitch and my favourite, Hattie. (Back in Mexico, when someone asked me if I had heard what Wilma had done out in Cancun, I thought I'd missed out on a particurlarly exotic episode of The Flintstones. Then I realised he was talking about the hurriance.) It was shortly after Belize City narrowly avoided being flattened by a hurricane that the government decided it would be better to have the capital somewhere ... read more

What we did find in Dangriga is superb banana cake, well worth the trip there just for that! Okay maybe a slight exaggeration. But plenty of this banana cake was pretty much all that sustained us today. Carlos Reyes has cornered the market for 'ferry' (well, boat) travel to Honduras, and does offer a good service, helping with immigration at both ports and even filling out our forms for us! The crossing was bumpy and 3 hours but pleasant enough. We then took an unexpected 8 hours to get from Puerto Cortes to La Ceiba which meant we had to stay the night there before catching the ferry to Utila in the morning. The first leg of this trip was in the back of a pickup truck, which was great fun until it started raining. ... read more

happy 4th of july! independence day....after being in central america for a month, the meaning of this has more depth for me now. i wish i was there to celebrate with you all. today i woke up feeling first bout of homesickness :( it has been a month since i've left home and i'm missing my friends and family and the conveniences of life in Philadelphia. right now i am in dangriga, belize....waiting for a boat to take me to tobacco caye. tobacco caye is rumored to have access to some beautiful coral reefs. unlike the reefs in caye caulker, the reefs here have been virtually untouched. there are not as many tourists and boats frequenting the smallers cayes. so i'm hoping to dive in tobacco caye and will probably skip caye caulker. it is ... read more

December 20, 2005 (It's my Birthday!!!!) So, me and my girlfriends ( D, Y and another Y) decided to take the cheap route and purchase tickets from LAX to Cancun, Mexico to get to Dangriga, Belize. We arrived at the airport 1:30pm (Cancun, immigration, passport, luggage, customs) uh oh, D's luggage is missing...."Are you sure? DAMN, DAMN, DAMN!!! D's luggage was lost....and BOYYY.. was she not happy. All of us we're bummed out. We paced for a bout an hour until customer service gave us a number: We took a taxi to the bus station which was about 25 minutes way. When we arrived at the bus station, we noticed that the bus we wanted to get on was departing, so we had to wait 4 hours. In the mean time we're thinking that the ... read more

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