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Hello family! I'm doing my best to keep the stories coming, but I have been just too busy living them to document! Although its a few months later, I hope you still enjoy them! :) A few days after returning from our adventures up North, Megan arrived for a Holiday Extravaganza! She was our first visitor to the tiny peninsula we call home, and also my first time being able to meet my friend out on the jetway! :) It was an amazing sunny Christmas Eve, and Megan showered us with first world novelties for the entire first day! She brought anti-itch sprays, books, lotions, obama t-shirts, new magazines (whoa!), stickers (YES!), tahini, glitter pens and markers! I can't even begin to tell you how the stickers and markers have changed my life! Finally I can ... read more
Welcome Megan!
Clever Smuggler O Ketel
Another perfect sunset!

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