San Ignacio - Belize

Published: August 19th 2017
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I am really close to Belize in Flores and I felt it would be a waste to be this close and not go, albeit I didn't have enough time or money to go for more than one day. Eventually, when I go travelling in Mexico in the future, I will do a week in Belize too because the Cays and Islands are what you should see.

Nevertheless, I had an amazing day. I left at 7am and arrived at 10am. It was actually only 2 hours on the bus but the border control took an hour.

Belize is an English speaking country and is part of the Commonwealth. The Queen is on the money and they sold British sweets in the shops (e.g. Werthers Originals). The accent is Caribbean - similar to the Jamaican accent - and many speak Kriol, an English based Caribbean language.

The first thing I did was go to the San Ignacio Resort Hotel as they have an Iguana Conservation Project there. It was amazing. I could pick up the iguanas, stroke them, feed them and play with them. I love Oscar and Scout but it would be ace to have a pet iguana!!

Then I had lunch at the hotel because I got a 10% discount voucher for doing the iguana project. I have only really eaten very cheap street food or cooked pasta for myself since being travelling so I thought I would treat myself to a FIT BURGER! I had to have a rum cocktail as well - I was in the Caribbean!!!!

I then went to a chocolate museum and discovered how the Mayans created and distributed chocolate.

Finally I went to another Mayan ruins site, MUCH smaller than Tikal, but beautiful in a quiet, contemplative way. I had just enough time to buy my usual magnets and cotton bracelets that I get in every country and headed back ok the bus to Flores.

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19th August 2017

Burger 🍔
I want a burger 🍔 the Caribbean, I also just found out I can't spell Caribbean without autocorrect.

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