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During our trip to Belize in January of 2018 with our friend Cheryl we planned for a trip within a trip and travelled to Tikal National Park and Archaeological Zone. To travel from Belize into Guatemala in a rental car took a small amount of planning and required the following process. First, the only rental car company that will allow a vehicle to go from Belize into Guatemala is Crystal. The travel into Guatemala can only be as far as Tikal National Park and Crystal prepares the necessary papers for crossing the border with a vehicle. Next you must cross the border. First you exit Belize. This is when you are in limbo and could be denied access to either or both countries at this point being stuck in Limbo Land indefinitely. Although highly unlikely, Chuck ... read more

Be aware that there is a Belize $37.50 fee to leave Belize then at the Guatemala border i was charged 20 Quetzals. other people were charged 20Q for 2 or nothing!!!!Hmmm Coming into Guatemala was a treat as it seemed so clean compared to Belize and friendly...great to hear Spanish again! The Mexicans in Yucatan were a surly bunch...cant blame them with all the Cancun tourists!!! At the border just walk over the bridge and on the other side is a collectivo point. 45 Q to Flores.... read more

I decided to add in a page to include pictures of our afternoon at the Mopan River Resort. After enjoying a Belizean lunch at the resort, we spent the day swimming under banana trees and watching birds (and iguanas) from the bird tower. ... read more
The Mopan River
Giant Leaves

Yesterday was quite the day of travel! My dad picked up Andrew and me at 4:15am, and we headed off to DIA. There, I had my bug spray confiscated. It was four ounces instead of the required 3.4 or less. I spent all of our layovers trying to track down some Off! with no avail. I developed an allergy to mosquito bites this past summer, so I started taking my Allegra on the plane, but I still want bug spray to help protect me from malaria ;-) Luckily, a nice couple at the resort (who are leaving today) gave me what they had left over. It should tide me over today! When we landed in Belize, it felt like another world. First, it's very warm and humid (my hair is curly!). There were palm trees ... read more

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