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Nach der Besichtigung der Tempelstädte in Tikal sind wir dann weitergefahren und ziemlich schnell an der Grenze zu Belize angekommen. Von Belize wusste ich eigentlich so gut wie nichts, darum war ich auch überrascht als gesagt wurde dass die offizielle Landessprache Englisch und nicht Spanisch ist. Stellte sich jedoch heraus dass die Einheimischen einen so extremen karibischen Dialekt im Englisch haben, dass man etwa gleich viel versteht wie wenn sie spanisch sprechen würden. Der Grenzübergang verlief einwandfrei und kurz danach waren wir auch schon an unseren Endpunkt für diesen Tag, nämlich San Ignazio. Nachdem wir im Hostel eingecheckt haben und es uns gemütlich gemacht haben, hiess es später von seiten Tourguide plötzlich: Gepäck zusammenpacken, wir wechseln das Hotel. Anscheinend war die Unterkunft nicht mehr den Massstäben der Reiseagentur entsprechend. Das neue Hotel wa... read more
Irgendein Fisch

We arrived in Belize albeit a day later than the original itinerary. So, where or what is Belize? It wouldn’t exactly jump out at you on the shelf of a travel agent as an alternative for Benidorm or Ibiza!! Belize, formerly British Honduras, is an independent Commonwealth country on the eastern coast of Central America. It is bordered on the northwest by Mexico, on the east by the Caribbean Sea, and on the south and west by Guatemala. Its mainland is about one hundred and eighty miles long and sixty eight miles wide. Belize has a population of 387,879. To put it in to perspective, the country is smaller than Djibouti but bigger than El Salvador. It is ranked 151st biggest in the world!! (or 33rdsmallest depending if you’re a glass half empty sort of a ... read more
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Welcome to Belize
The small marina in Belize city

I've wanted to visit Belize for longer than I can remember, but I can't remember why! I'm sure there was something that made it stand out to me all those years ago. One of the added appeals now was that not that many people visit. It's often missed from backpacking tours for being too expensive, but I was very excited to get here and explore! I didn't really know what to expect, and how the food and culture would vary from Mexico, but I also didn't want to research too much as that would ruin the surprise! I can say I've been very pleasantly surprised! As soon as we crossed the border the landscape seemed to change, which was strange. We were greeted with fields of sugarcane, a far cry from the endless cacti driving through ... read more
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Important information as it's hurricane season
The very friendly turtle

After spending almost 5 months in Mexico it was time to cross the border and see some of Central America! First stop - Belize! We left Chetumal at 10am on a chicken bus! These are old American school buses that are used as public transport and the driver blasts regaton music the whole time! Absolute hoot! They pack them full of so much people!Surprised we didn't break down! We had a stopover at immigration which was a bit nerve racking for us as my travel buddy - Nikki - lost her immigration card! We had gone to immigration in Chetumal the day before and they had told her that she would need to stay in Mexico for 20-30days! We phoned the British Embassy who said no just go to the border, so we tried our luck ... read more
Our chicken bus
Water taxi
Meet Chloe!

The Belize TEC/Zoo is of pride to Belizeans and increasingly integral to their primary education and national multi-ethnic culture. Unique in many ways: As a zoo, it exclusively supports and cares for indigenous Belizean widlife in their natural habitat: this of course includes all their national icons, as in the Keel-billed Toucan and Baird’s TapirAs a touristic experience it’s a beautiful, 2-hour walk “amongst-anima-life” and a fun educational experience; targeting kids but entertaining adults. Cleverly landscaped and meticulously maintained.... read more

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We were up early to pack and leave Caye Caulker on the water taxi to Belize City. Whilst it was a bit windy, it was nice and sunny and we got great views of the islands we passed, including one that was just a house on stilts! We arrived at Belize City to be greeted by lots of little shops people trying to sell us long distance express buses. If you wanted to get to Guatemala, it'd be no problem. As I was, we were quite keen on an express, air conditioned bus (we're not really adventurous when faced with a more comfortable bus!) and took one of them up on the offer. This saved us the walk to the bus station with our big bags, which we were able to leave. We had couple of ... read more

Belize and Guatemela are both distinctive and most fun destinations to travel. They're both similar in terms of Mayan History. They have a lot of Mayan ruins and have similar relationships in history's past. To know more information, you should take a history class that focuses on Mayan Civilization. I did a 7 day Western Carribean Cruise and I was lucky I got the opportunity to see Mayan Ruins in Guatemala and Belize. I traveled to the location Winter 2014 Beginning. It was a lot of fun. I loved it so much. I got up in the morning on my Interior Cabin, ate breakfast, waited for my family to depart the ship to the excursions where I've always wanted to go. I was very lucky I was safe. I was never worried about what would happened. ... read more

Ik heb mijn eerste nachtje Belize overleefd. Heb net 12 uur geslapen, en dat was ook wel nodig. We zijn gisteren opgehaald op het vliegveld door twee mensen van het instituut. Die hebben ons naar een hotel gebracht en daarna de stad en het instituut laten zien. Er waren niet veel mensen aanwezig, maar iedereen tot nu toe is super vriendelijk en behulpzaam. Ze zijn alleen moeilijk te verstaan soms :P Ook hebben we een eigen kantoor met airco! Maar gelukkig kunnen we nog een paar dagen rondkijken en wennen, want we hoeven maandag pas te beginnen met werk. We zitten in het schattige hotelletje the Bakadeer (ook met airco gelukkig). Gisteren wilden we wat gaan eten en toen heeft de hotel vrouw noodles voor ons gemaakt, vet lief. Daarna zijn we een beetje rond gaan ... read more

Second leg: Flores (Guatemala) to Belize On Thursday 7 we caught the 5am bus from Flores and travelled east to Belize. The bus was 20 minutes late leaving Flores but despite this we arrived at the border between Guatemala and Belize within about an hour and a half. We had to write our names on a register and at the border everybody had to go through border control (for an entry stamp), immigration and customs with their suitcases/ checked luggage. We had to show our passports at border control to receive an entry stamp and then we had to walk about 50m to another building to pass through immigration and customs. The process was ok but we had to show our passports again for another entry stamp, but this one has a date of when we ... read more

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