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Happy New Year to all my favorite people! The holidays were a whirlwind of new friends and adventures, and I can’t wait to share them all with you! I have been very busy making new friends and being a part of my new community! I have been training to be on the volunteer fire department, tutoring math in the small village north of here, housesitting, singing karaoke, and hosting and attending many board game nights. (It's been raining quite a bit!) Lots of my new friends are business owners down here too, so a lot of time is spent contemplating the many ideas and options for people and products down here. It's a good time to see so many blank slates and so many creative ambitious people trying to chalk them up! I hope to ... read more
the other half!  Perfect rainbow!
Cant stop photographing my backyard :)
The entrance to the Cave hike

Reaching the boarder a little after six in the evening, we passed through with surprising ease. We were unsure why no one wanted to stamp our passports or search the truck so we pulled over at an auto insurance booth to ask about the Belizian boarder crossing formalities. They told us to cross back over the boarder and on the other side there was a blue booth that would collect our Mexican tourist visas and stamp our passports. From there we were told to go to the Banercito on the Belizian side to work out the car permit. Upon arrival we discovered it was closed and we were told to return at eight the following morning, so we headed back to the Mexican boarder city of Chetumal where we got a room ate some tortas and ... read more
Jabiru Stork
Water Lily
Dr Sues Flower

So I spent the past 3 weeks doing mission trips to Belize. We went to Belize City, Crooked Tree & Orange Walk. We several different ministries with the locals from Belize. Everyday spent in Belize continues to amaze me. The color, natural beauty of the country & people are breathtaking. It's the poorest country I've been to, yet the people are so generous & loving. I had the opportunity to go snorkeling in Caye Caulker & go to different Mayan Ruins locations. But the highlight is getting to know the locals & how they live. ... read more
Belize Beauty
Crooked Tree School
Accepting Christ

This day was our only full day in Crooked Tree. It was my favourite day of our trip (followed closely by our day snorkling at the beach) because I was able to learn so much about Joe and his family, as well as experience the real Belize. We were able to see how people live, and were able to feel the warmth, first hand, of the people who had welcommed the Biltons 20 years ago. Sunrise & Scrambled Eggs Much to my chagrin, Joe and Ben decided to wake up at the crack of dawn to enjoy the sunrise over the lagoon. Joe snapped numerous pictures (only 2 of which I've included). Eventually, they came back and we all went for breakfast. Bird Sanctuary reunion After breakfast we drove over to the only real tourist thing ... read more
Sunrise 2
Leland Bucks

Altun Ha We left Belize City after a short drive around, and a stop at the local "Save U" for some groceries/snacks for the day. We drove along the Northern Hwy towards Orange Walk, with our destination being Crooked Tree. Crooked Tree is the village where the Biltons spent most of their time when in Belize, so we were all looking forward to getting there. But first, we took a detour to check out our first set of Mayan ruins - Altun Ha. We took the old Northern Hwy to get there. After being only mildly harrassed by some random guy to pay $5US each for a tour, we set off on our own. The main part of Altun Ha is the ceremonial section, which has been excavated, and extensively cleaned. The lawns were well manicured ... read more
Sprint to the top
Joe and Carolyn at Altun Ha
The 4 of us at Altun Ha

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