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Hi, We were upgrades on all our flights to fist class!!! Grandpa dont worry we are getting all you messages. Jake XXX Hello I went to the zoo today and my favirite animals were the black jaguar ,the harpy and the giant stork. Toby xxx Thanks for all the birthday messages. Claudia, the insect balm was immediately useful - thank you so much. Also, we are recieving all your messages, whether it says unsent or not, so don't worry on that score. We arrived in Belize City yesterday afernoon, stepping onto the burning tarmac and into the dripping tropical heat. It was quite a contrast with the cool pacific breeze and wide freeways of SF, which we left at 3am in the morning. They had advanced the time of our flight when we arrived at the ... read more

These last few weeks have been amazing! We had a group of over 120 people from Houston (of course everything is bigger & better from Texas!). They had a fun mission trip in Belmopan (Belize's capital, the smallest capital in the world). Then I took 1 week off & went to Guatamala, loved it! Spent a couple days in Placencia, Belize where I went scuba diving at Laughing Bird Caye & went zip-lining. Belize is famous for it's scuba diving & now I see why! Lots of colorful fish & coral. Then last week we had a group from South Carolina in Ladyville, Belize. Wow, I've never seen a group like this before! They were so charismatic! We're talking healings (I saw a blind man that was prayed over & then he could see!). They were ... read more
Placencia street
VBS Belmopan
Playing with the Belizeans

Tonight I am stuck in Belize City. I was planning to travel to Caye Caulker today, but I unfortunately arrived too late to catch the boat to the island. The last couple of days have been pretty interesting, though. I arrived in Tulum from Cancun at around 8 PM and checked into Hostel Tulum, which quite a nice establishment with very friendly staff and clean bathrooms with hot water. I met quite a few people there, including a Canadian guy named Juan that has similar plans to mine. I am currently travelling with him. That night was fairly uneventful, Juan, a guy from France, and I went to a taqueria and had some pretty good tacos, then we went to a restaurant to have a few beers. We sat around and BSed for a few hours ... read more

They want to go home Joe and I began talking about this trip just before Christmas, and easily convinced his brother, Ben and sister-in-law, Sarah to come too. This trip was a bit of a home-coming for the boys, as they lived in Belize for about 9 months with their family 20 years ago. I was excited not only for a holiday from work, but to get to experience something that was so big in the Bilton's lives. Park n' Fly After waking up way too early in Bolton, Joe and I met Ben and Sarah at the Park n' Fly in Toronto, and headed over to the airport. I was feeling pretty nauseous from lack of sleep, but nothing a couple of gravol couldn't help. Our two flights were good, no problems at all, and ... read more
Harbour view
Waiting for Ben to pee...

Belize City est considere comme une ville sympathique, sauf la nuit, ce que nous avons pu constate: ne sachant pas trop ou nous allions aller, nous avons decide avec l'allemand archeologue de joindre nos forces! Du coup nous avons pris un taxi qui nous a emmene dans "la meilleure adresse du guide du Routard": un hotel dans un quartier pas loin du centre mais peu sur, avec de gros cafards un peu partout. La-dessus, un gars de l'hotel nous a 'escorte' jusqu'au resto chinois du coin, plein de locaux en train de regarder un match de basket, ambiance garantie. Puis le gars du resto nous a de nouveau 'escorte' jusqu'a l'hotel, ce pour quoi nous lui aurions ete reconnaissant s'il ne nous avait pas demande 5$US pour ces services (et croyez moi, il ne valait mieux ... read more
belize city 2

Maya Walk Tour Offices, San Ignacio Ended up at Martha's for dinner last night. Ran into Lucien and his dad and George along the way. Caroline and her brother and their family were already eating at Martha's when we arrived. Matt went with pizza (good, but not nearly NY quality) and I had a huge burrito. Ran into Lucian and his dad again and the four of us went to the Internet Cafe and then on to Deja Vu (run by a crazy German guy) just across the bridge in Santa Elena for my final Belekin of the trip. I think I'll actually miss the beer. Headed home around 11:30 pm and crashed. Got up at 6:30 this morning and booked a spot on a direct shuttle to the airport. So much nicer than getting ... read more
Hotel Casa Blanca

Geo: 17.5008, -88.1918When the alarm went off at 3:45am, I had actually been lying awake for seven minutes or so. We upped, dressed, had a quick bowl of cereal, let the dog out (poor Gru Gru), then set off for the airport at 4:15am. No traffic (surprise!). Park n fly -- easy. No line at check-in. Waited for two people at security. Flight to Dallas on time. Lunch at DFW; flight to Belize City also on time.Tropic air felt good. Bit of a storm brewing, so strong wind. Through immigration, easy customs (though we were asked what was in our bags). Got our car rental and directions to hotel. Brief rainstorm, then clear.The Radisson is on the point, looking out to the sea. Breezy. Short swim in pool near our room. Bought cappuccinos at coffee bar, ... read more

I picked Belize because I had a sense of adventure about Belize. I had flown home to Arizona via Delta and had volunteered to be "bumped". Their offer was a free round trip ticket anywhere in the USA (except Hawaii); Mexico; Bermuda; or Canada. I had a conversation with a flight agent about where I should go with this ticket. He said he and his wife had gone down to Belize. They encountered a Boa Constrictor drinking water from a puddle in the middle of the road, the snorkeling was incredible, and they rode this "school bus" in which kids would bring their animals on board. He sold me on Belize! My free ticket got me to Cancun. The puddle jumper from Cancun to Belize had gone out of business, so I braced myself for a ... read more
Blue Crab Resort
First night

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