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So today was our first day of rediculous travel. We boarded a bus in Chetumal at 550 am for Belize City. At this point we were still riding on coach buses, but you could tell the deterioration in quality as there was no bathroom on this one. Again the bus ride provided for scenic views. Around 730 we crossed out first border, passing through a freezome in between Belize and Mexico called Coroza. Customs wasnt half bad, and we ended up talked to some other american traveler who were on the bus as well. Once in Belize the country side was truely amazing. You could see the dminished infrastructure, increased poverty, etc. We eventualy get to Belize City and realize that this is where a guidebook may have come in handy- we have no fucking clue ... read more

People have been asking me about how the hurricanes are effecting us now. Here on the Glory, we haven’t been bothered by Ike. We’re in the Western Caribbean this week, nice and far away. Other ships however are getting bounced all over the place with different itinerary changes. Including the Liberty. They’re supposed to be doing the Eastern Caribbean, right in the path of the storm. Instead, they’re over on the West side. And today they were in Belize. And we were in Belize. At first I’d had thought about going over to the Liberty and having some visits and catch-ups. I emailed Jody. He’s never been to Belize and thinks he likely won’t again, so he was eager to get out and see stuff. And he suggested I come along. So thanks to the wonderful ... read more
Around Altun Ha
One of the Unexcavated Buildings

Belize City Later start to our day brought us to Belize - Belize City, in fact. Warm weather & blue waters... took a shuttle boat to the docks to secure a tour of some sort. We managed to hire a shuttle bus drive tour of the island. Not much to really see, but we did manage to stop & get treats at a gas station before touring the neighboring houses, the beach, and eventually landing at a resort/retreat for lunch. Back on Board... The had split the boat up into 3 teams - red, white, & blue. We managed to play alot of games to get points whilst shouting "Go White team, Go White team, Go!" over & over again. The main focus was to taunt the Red & Blue teams while passing in the halls ... read more
Our tour bus
Pseudo outdoor Restaurant
Desert is essential!

Well I managed to survive my week of Spanish lessons though I'm sure my Spanish is just as bad as it always was! At times I thought my teacher was going to despair. Ah well, no doubt I've learnt something useful from them. I spent my first two nights with the school at Chiqui's house where I was joined by a young French couple. This made the mealtimes slightly less embarassing but they didn't speak much English or Spanish so there wasn't much conversation going on there! For the other five nights I was staying in a guesthouse where I was the only guest for the majority of my stay. It was pretty decent having a whole house to myself but it was a shame that I didn't get the opportunity to meet more people studying ... read more
Volcan Pacaya - Lava
Volcan Pacaya - Steam
Volcan Fuego

Only a few days onboard and already I’m off touring! First though, I’ll recap a bit on the first few days . . . I had some incredible flights on the way here. Take off from Toronto was beautiful. We flew over Lake Ontario and I had a perfect view of the Niagara Peninsula. Could spot towns and landmarks I know so well from the ground: The Skyway Bridge, Hamilton Harbour, the escarpment, the Welland Canal, Port Colbourne, St. Catharines, the Niagara River and the falls. I love that chunk of land. It’s so big but it all feels like home. Flying over it, it all seemed so tiny, like I could pick it up. My flight had a stop-over in New York and that was pretty awesome too. It was so clear out and I ... read more
I Love The Trees, I Love The Vines, I Love The Forest . . .
Somebody Else Zips Along, As I Wait My Turn

V & I headed off to Belize, where we hoped to do some great snorkeling and play in lush jungle surroundings. Without an agenda or reservations, we prepared to pseudo-backpack in search of beach, fish, and tropical forest. We found that and mosquitoes...shoulda brought DEET and left the citronella oil at home. It was the first time I had been to Miami, and fortunately, our layover was 5 hours. V rented a car and took me around his stomping grounds. I don't know how he studied through medical school with the beach yards away and the sunset gracing the backdrop of his condo. I still think the West coast is the best coast...humidity does not fare well with me. We arrived at BZE and were picked up by my coworker's family. They graciously took us to ... read more
snorkel gear
muni ride to BART
south beach, miami

I took a bus from Antigua to Belize City, it left at 6:30pm and arrive the following day at 1pm. Was a long days travelling and with my bad back it wasnt a pleasant trip. Id gone cliff diving in San Pedro and landed akwardly on my back. I stayed another week in Antigua to recover a little but over a week on Im still really sore. Belize City is very run down, most buildings made of wood and its really hard to believe the place is a city. The owner of the hotel took myself and a Norwiegen guy called Bobby to a Casino on the other side of town. I played a little 5 card poker and was winning reasonable well against the dealer. Then I turned to Blackjack. Bad move. I lost $200 ... read more

So we set off from The Chetumal Hostel at 7.15 am to catch the Premier Line primera class bus direct to Belize city, which we were assured by Lilia, our host, departed at 8 am. There wasn’t one! At the ADO terminal we are informed that other than the 5am & 6am buses the next one is at 11.45am! Not something the guide books or the Premier Lines website tells you. We catch a cab to the Nuevo Mercado as we are told that there are many primera class buses that leave for BC from there about now. There aren’t! The first Premier Lines bus is at 10 am. Instead there is a Co-operative Society bus with a friendly driver leaving shortly - it’s an old American school bus - so rather than wait for 2 ... read more
Welcome to Louise at the airport
Jamie eat your heart out - this is a BBQ maan, Caye Caulker
A room with a view - Louise outside the pad - Placencia

FYI - We have added more pictures to the gallery. On Sunday, July 6, we took an early morning bus to Monteverde/Santa Elena. Before lunch we walked through a beautiful orchid garden and in the afternoon we enjoyed a canopy tour with Selvatura Adventures. The canopy tour was a zipline consisting of 18 platforms, 3km of cables, and a Tarzan-swing in primary rainforest. It was a little scary at first because we were so high up in the trees, but it was so much fun and the view was wonderful! That evening we visited the frog pond and got to see plenty of colorful frogs. Luckily we didn't see any of tarantulas that are so common in Monteverde! On Monday, July 7, we took a unique route to La Fortuna. We started out in a van ... read more

Day 1: Belize City We flew into Belize city yesterday. Customs was a breeze, perhaps due to some luck, but we hadn't written down our guesthouse's address so we had to hunt down a phonebook in the money exchange booth to find out where it was located. Got a taxi, the only option into Belize City where the bus and marine terminals are, (a standard $25US fare for those prospective travelers reading this). We aren't sure it's worth mentioning our accomodations, since our email to reserve a specific room was ignored and we ended up in the maid's room. Very nice of them to offer a place when they were full, but it was certainly not a caribbean paradise. Don't trust the website of the Bayview Guest House and make sure you get a confirmation email ... read more

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