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after the last night in our cabana in Mexico, which we spent with a scorpion, a giant spider and a small, but scary guy in a shell, we headed to Belize. Whereas we had found the Mexico a well developed country, Belize is a completely different story. Most of the travel we spent in post-american school buses with millions of locals carrying bags, fruits & vegs, other food, bicycles, cement, bricks, buckets, etc... and stopping everywhere, every 5 minutes. It was actually quite fun, since the belizeans are really open-hearted and helpful, though the space available for legs was definitely too small and after 5 hours in such a bus I found my self quite uncomfortable. On the other hand, we had a chance to straighten our legs when the bus was ocassionally catching a fire ... read more
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We got to experience our first border crossing going from Mexico to Belize on Wednesday (17th). We had two options, to take a taxi to the Mexican border, do the formalities, walk across the bridge into Belize and take a taxi to the immigration building and then get a bus to Belize City which sounded like a lot of hassle, or get a direct bus to Belize City that would stop at the Mexican border, wait for us, drive us over the bridge to the Belize immirgation building, wait for us and then continue onto Belize City. No prizes for guessing what we picked! After a breakfast of street tacos we hopped on the direct bus and had no problems doing the border formalities. There was a bit of confusion though as there is a departure ... read more
Orange Walk, Belize
Belize City
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What a great day I had in Belize City. After leaving the Internet Cafe on my way to the hotel, and plans of going to San Pedro for the day, I met Elvis! I have to say, Elvis is the only Belizean man (so far)) that approached me and wanted to help me, and was not after anything else. How blessed I am to have met him! Elvis found me with a puzzled look on my face on a street corner, as I am looking around for a garbage to dispose of my uneaten Johnny Cake (somewhat of a heavy english muffin, with cheese & ham). He offered to take my garbage for me, and that was how my amazing day with Elvis in Belize City started off! Elvis was on his way back home (Orangewalk) ... read more
St. John's Cathedral
School Kids in St. John's
Inside St. John's

Last night, while still in Orangewalk, the beach started calling my name. I had initially booked my stay at Hotel de la Fuente for 3 days, but I can't picture myself here any longer, now that I did the Lamanai River Tour (my only objective) the day after I got to Orangewalk. A dog has obviously eaten the rooster that has been on my trail, as he was the one who woke me at an early hour. (1st note to self, invest in earplugs) The kind people at Fuente granted me a refund once I explained my calling! Either way I was outta there! I packed up and jumped on the 10 am bus, and arrived here in B.C. at noon. From my research I knew not to expect much, and it has not exceeded my ... read more

Cestou s klienty na Cancunske letiste jsem s hruzou zjistil, ze podel hlavni cesty z Tulumu do Cancunu rostou dalsi a dalsi obchodni centra a betonove hruzy, skupuji se ve velkem pozemky a mistni majske obyvatelstvo pomalu prestava mit na to, aby mohli zit tam, kde doposud zili. Kam az tohle pujde je pri soucasne krizi otazkou. Dalsi otazkou zustava co se stane pri te navstevnosti s nadhernym karibskym pobrezim. Dost mozne je to, ze to dopadne jako v Acapulcu, ktere byvalo kdysi rajem s nadhenou vodou a dnes uz je voda ponekud kalnejsi...uvidime. Jiste je to, ze jihovychodni pobrezi Yucatanu je plne turistu, dnes i Cechu, takze nekdy si pripradate tak trochu jako v novem lepsim Bibione, ale porad je to jeste docela zazitek. Po navratu z letiste sbirame s Manuelem klienty u plaze, byli ... read more
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Belize-City, 23 april 1990, late afternoon. We've sort of followed James storming through the dirt ridden streets of Belize-City all day on a mad search for his lady, his Mary Carmen, his mexican beauty whose small breasts he was so fond of. He's devestated by the fact that she left him for Peter, the bloke he got to like so much over the last couple of months, going to San Jose together , talking politics and damning Reagan and Magareth Thatcher to hell and beyond. The fact that I'm probably responsible for all this sh*t messing around with Peter's afro-american ladyfriend Nora who obligingly trotted along with us, is totally beyond him. He has been badmouthing Peter's "betrayal" all day while going from bar to bar, checking out every hotel of this ramshackle city, running up ... read more

Belize-City, 22 april 1990. I wake up early in the morning by the sounds and salty smells of waves rolling onto the malecon outside our boarding house. My heavy minds needs time to get out of the foggy and dark dreams that filled my sleep. I feel more like stuffing my face back into the pillow it was in just minutes before, giving in to peaceful oblivion but the harsh sounds of an argueing voice slowly overtakes the low thundering of the sea attacking the malecon during high tide. It's Peter and he sounds pissed-off. I slowly open my eyelids and see him standing in front of his afro-american girlfriend Nora who has got her blue sarong with dolfin motive wrapped around her. She is sitting on the ground underneath the open window skinning up a ... read more

Belize-City, 21 april 1990. Ageing buildings made out of wood, an open drainage system with canals that reek of human wastes, faeces and urine. The city is sweltering under a tropical sun with not a trace of a breeze coming in from the ocean, pollution piling up in the streets. Still Belize-City is funky and fascinating with its dark black creol population. We were lucky last night getting ourselves a spare room at a small boarding house near the shore with six bunk beds, the sixth bed being occupied by a young swiss lady. It is late afternoon now and we have found ourselves a table outside a small eatery, our table is covered with condensed bottles of DosXX, a mexican brew and quite palatable. Five plates of cooked barracuda are in front of us giving ... read more

On the way to Belize City, 20 april 1990. Once we crossed the border and were on belizian territory, the change was abrupt nd sudden. No more spanish but the belizian english with the musical lilt that we remember from Livingston, no more latinos with their rodeo hats and no more colorfully but smelly indios - they all left the bus at the border - instead the bus is full with black creols wearing bowler hats woolen pants with dull colored shirts. No more subtropical rain forest with shrieking parrots and rowdy howler monkeys. The country side is open with the ocassional low hill stretching out at both sides of the paved road, the green grass moist from a passing rain shower. Both Peter and Nora are yellow in the face, still suffering from these so-called ... read more

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