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Ik heb mijn eerste nachtje Belize overleefd. Heb net 12 uur geslapen, en dat was ook wel nodig. We zijn gisteren opgehaald op het vliegveld door twee mensen van het instituut. Die hebben ons naar een hotel gebracht en daarna de stad en het instituut laten zien. Er waren niet veel mensen aanwezig, maar iedereen tot nu toe is super vriendelijk en behulpzaam. Ze zijn alleen moeilijk te verstaan soms :P Ook hebben we een eigen kantoor met airco! Maar gelukkig kunnen we nog een paar dagen rondkijken en wennen, want we hoeven maandag pas te beginnen met werk. We zitten in het schattige hotelletje the Bakadeer (ook met airco gelukkig). Gisteren wilden we wat gaan eten en toen heeft de hotel vrouw noodles voor ons gemaakt, vet lief. Daarna zijn we een beetje rond gaan ... read more

Second leg: Flores (Guatemala) to Belize On Thursday 7 we caught the 5am bus from Flores and travelled east to Belize. The bus was 20 minutes late leaving Flores but despite this we arrived at the border between Guatemala and Belize within about an hour and a half. We had to write our names on a register and at the border everybody had to go through border control (for an entry stamp), immigration and customs with their suitcases/ checked luggage. We had to show our passports at border control to receive an entry stamp and then we had to walk about 50m to another building to pass through immigration and customs. The process was ok but we had to show our passports again for another entry stamp, but this one has a date of when we ... read more

I stumbled upon Belize truly by accident. I was looking for somewhere to escape to for the weekend and Belize appeared. I wanted a warm place with about three hours or less of flying time. Belize is only about 2 ½ hours from takeoff to touch down. Belize is a small country in Central America, no larger than the state of Massachusetts with only about 330,000 people residing there. It has a Caribbean feel and a culture all of its own. I stayed in the Ramada Princess Resort and Spa. Although we had a standard room it was rather comfortable. All of the rooms face the ocean and you are greeted with a wonderful sunrise every morning. After watching the sunrise, you can stroll down to the restaurant for a buffet breakfast, packed with some Belizean ... read more
Belize City (2)
Belize City (3)
Belize City (4)

After a stop at the lovely island of Roatan we continued inside the Barrier Reef up to Belize City. Roatan was lush, green and not overcrowded. I had not realized that there would be that many hills, I had thought it would be flatter and drier, but it was really quite nice. The cruise ship had their own private cove that we backed into and it was surprising even as narrow and small as this little bay was that we managed to fit in there. We spent a very relaxing day just lounging at the beach, drinking beer and listening to a very good live entertainer playing great reggae and beach tunes. Jane and I couldn't really remember how long it has been since we really just vegged out at the beach. Belize City was older ... read more
Belize River
Mayan Ruins

I couldn’t imagine myself on a cruise but never say never and when a package with a cruise sort of dropped into my lap back in December and the rain kept falling and Suzanne and I still had time to do some travelling together we thought “yes let’s do it”. A flights sale in January had us picking up a bargain and so it was we flew off to Tampa on a not too full flight even bagging 3 seats each so lots of space to lie down on the 9+hour flight. A good night’s sleep in a nearby hotel and the next day we were on a shuttle bus to the port. As complete novices to cruising we had no idea what to expect ( we are ... read more
Day 1 Tampa Bay
Day 4 Belize (2)
Day 3 Roatan (17)

Doing most of my travels in Asia, I didn't expect at all to get out of a bus in Belize City, without getting loitered by hundreds of Taxi drivers and ferry-ticket sellers. But no one seemed to be interested in our arrival on this colourful painted wooden Bus terminal. “Its not supposed to cost more than five US for a taxi to the harbour” our Israelian mate Ian says. I nod “allright” not feeling like bargaining at 7 am, after a night in a Bus and a border crossing full of negotiations with Mexican customs at 5 in the morning. We were all sure that they cant charge us 30 US to get out of the country, but well, they could. At least the Belizians didn't charge us any money to get into theirs, but did ... read more

What a day! Waking up in not one, but two strange beds in the same 24 hour period is new. Our last few days were hectic, getting the apartment cleaned out for inspection and making sure we didn't leave anything undone before the plane took us away. Yesterday, Saturday, was a bit of a respite since we spent the day with Eya's parents after spending the night. We got through the last of our goodbyes and drove to the airport for the mandatory safety groping so the terrorists don't win, then got on a plane or three. Airports are a blur, always uncomfortable, slower than you wish and more rushed than you wish at the same time. 5PM Pacific through 9 AM Belize local time were waiting in line, failing to fall asleep, and the unexpected ... read more

Tuesday 16/10/12 – Our first night in Belize was everything that we expected: hot, noisy and exhausting. We awoke when the sun rose as our room had no curtains – and trust me it rises early here (they don’t observe daylight savings). We walked up to the local dive shop which backs on to the main river of Belize City. Seeing the city in the morning at high tide is really something special. The ocean is right at the edge of the road and at people’s door steps. The city is situated right at sea level and apparently when it rains at high tide the water doesn’t run off into the ocean so people get around in canoes! The city is intertwined with over 200 canals which are always full of water and rubbish. The city ... read more
Waterhole where cave tubing began
Denroy and Kenz cruising down the river
Waterfall inside the cave

We took the early morning ferry from Ambergis Caye to Belize and dozed on the ferry. From the ferry terminal we took a taxi (unmarked, like they all are in Belize) to the bus station. Belize city was really run down. It had the same wooden houses on stilts with timber frontages whose paint was faded and peeling, just like in Hopkins, but here, some looked like they were about to fall down. We didn't see any shops, just people selling clothes by hanging them on fences and selling bits and pieces by the sides of the roads, none of which were tarmacked. To be honest, after hearing about how dangerous it could be, Hannah and I felt a little intimidated and were happy to only be passing through. The bus station, a corrugated iron and ... read more

Belize is gorgeous, very flat, very tropical. I had been here before and done the snorkle thing, as well as another trip doing the jungle thing, so decided to do the educational thing this time to the Lamanai Ruins, deep in the jungle by boat. My shore excursion left at 8:05 from the lounge, then a 45 minute tender wait was figured into the tour time of 7.5 hours, leaving us just enough time to catch the last tender back to the ship (a 15 minute ride). We boarded the "air conditioned bus" for an hour drive north, about as far as the paved road goes in Belize, to the Old Belize river. A nice Palapa had been built to begin these boat trips to Lamanai, a major archaeological site discovered & excavated by a Canadian ... read more

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