Belize Gangstas

Published: July 26th 2006
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Britt's Adventures

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Tapir- National Animal, Belize ZooTapir- National Animal, Belize ZooTapir- National Animal, Belize Zoo

I've officially found the ugliest animal alive! It's called a Tapir. It's really gentle though.
These last few weeks have been amazing! We had a group of over 120 people from Houston (of course everything is bigger & better from Texas!). They had a fun mission trip in Belmopan (Belize's capital, the smallest capital in the world). Then I took 1 week off & went to Guatamala, loved it! Spent a couple days in Placencia, Belize where I went scuba diving at Laughing Bird Caye & went zip-lining. Belize is famous for it's scuba diving & now I see why! Lots of colorful fish & coral. Then last week we had a group from South Carolina in Ladyville, Belize. Wow, I've never seen a group like this before! They were so charismatic! We're talking healings (I saw a blind man that was prayed over & then he could see!). They were quite a group but it was exhausting. We took them out to Caye Caulker, love that place! It's the cutest island (only 3 streets) & there's no cars, people drive golf carts! Really good sea food, very caribbean style. This week we are in Belize City. Last night we went into the slums of Belize City. It's called Majestic Ally. We're talking poverty, gangs, drugs,
Placencia streetPlacencia streetPlacencia street

This is the main street in Placencia (it's a side-walk!!)
etc. We're there putting on skits, giving testimonies & I'm just praying no one gets mad at us, what if someone snaps?, etc. But all was good. We're going back there tonight. The Belizeans are really accepting & nice people. Today we went to a nursing home, precious! I spoke to a guy named Mario (he's almost deaf, blind & only speaks Spanish). Talk about a language barrier! But we managed to communicate! We went to the Belizean Zoo (check out the picts) & to Altun Ha, the Mayan Ruins, very cool!
What makes all of this a wonderful job is the people I'm working with. Our staff this summer is one of a kind! I feel like I've known them forever! Megan, Mike, Janell, Tatianna, Laura, Jason S., Jason P., Matt, Jon, & Kristi. They are all such wonderful people & I love them! We have such a good time together, I'll be going up to Minnesota for a reunion to see all of them in August.
Anyway, miss you all (wherever you are in this world!). Praying for you!

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VBS BelmopanVBS Belmopan
VBS Belmopan

Girls coloring away!
Playing with the BelizeansPlaying with the Belizeans
Playing with the Belizeans

This girl was a doll!
Ladyville, BelizeLadyville, Belize
Ladyville, Belize

The kids in Ladyville never stopped smiling!
Blind healedBlind healed
Blind healed

This guy spoke Spanish, was blind & nearly deaf. The group sang & prayed over him...after that he said he could see better....concidence??...i think not.

27th July 2006

Belize Gangstas
Hey Britt....always glad to share in your travel, your spirit and your joy. The experiences you are having and the love you share is beyond anything money could ever provide. You are truly blessed and a blessing and inspiration to all who know you. I'm sure your Mom told you I have been very sick...I am blessed to still be here and blessed by my wonderful family and friends. Keep on keepin on. God Bless You.
28th July 2006

Keep the faith, sista!
BJ- So cool to hear about stuff in Belize City! Hope you all stay safe; will pray for that specifically! Is the Lloyd back yet? And did we hear if the Heavenlies won or what? Keep going strong, can't wait to see you and hang with you later this summer!! Much love, Meg
28th July 2006

Ciao Bella!
Britt! Hey, so good to hear from you, this blog is awesome! I had no idea you were having such great experiences, you never cease to amaze. Talk about a great job, and it's amazing how you are able to change the lives of so many people. You are definitely inspiring me before I move to NYC!! I am starting a blog on this site as well, I'll send it to you once I'm set-up. Wish me luck!

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