Published: August 7th 2007
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This was once the Caribbean capital until Hurricane Hattie came along on a gusty Halloween night in 1961, Hattie huffed and puffed and she blew most of it away, since 1961 they have successfully rebuilt most of it but felt but the soul had been blown away to, it was only wise to move the capital of Belize more inland to a place called Belmopan.

The Macal River runs right through the city and there is supposedly a funky north side of the river, full of overpriced tourist shops, internet cafe, art galleries and food markets. Then there is the depressing downtown south side of the river, where every day I noticed the same man whose expression and hairdo looked like he had been shocked with 50000 volts of electricity, he sat on the grassy river bank rocking violently, he pulled clumps of grass by its roots with one hand then clumps of hair by its roots with the other. Shoeless souls wandered around the streets, many had an arm or a leg missing, hobbling on crutches and didn’t need a full pair of shoes any way, but all in need of spare change. The main square near the magistrate’s courts gave refuge to the many homeless and needy who all happily played cards together while drinking cheap booze. The Queen of England rules the money as Belize was the former British Honduras and there are many old and young who tried anything to get hold of these royal notes.

I noticed many signs for the traditional dish of Belize, which is 'Cow Hoof soup’; it has a real cow's hoof, properly cleaned, that sits like a rock in the middle of the bowl along with vegetables and broth made from the cow’s intestines that are still left in the soup for added flavouring. No thanks! I do not like this place one bit. Moving on swiftly.

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EDEN-What a sight...EDEN-What a sight...
EDEN-What a sight...

Nothing eco here...

21st June 2007

Thanks for the interesting Blog
This was very interesting to read. I have always had a bit of suspicion regarding the Belmopan area. Most of my scuba friends say to stay near Belize City or the smaller towns near the coast. Thanks again for your insights. Kevin

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