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Route: Mexico City - Oaxaca - San Cristobal de las Cases - Merida - Tulum After various emotional farewells across England we finally arrived in Mexico City, it had been a long time coming! Our flight was thankfully uneventful with the only thing of note being the TV system breaking down half way through the journey and with about half an hour left of Michael Clayton - I´ll assume Clooney saved the day and the bad drug company was brought to justice. We spent a few days in Mexico City mostly just wandering around visiting the various sights on the main Zocalo (apparently the third biggest square in the world). Amongst all these attractions (National Palace, Cathedral, Museum, Aztec ruins...) was the jewel in the Mexican crown - a bloke covered in Silver paint doing ... read more

We woke up early on the morning of the 7th and took a water taxi to the meeting point for our sailing trip into Belize on Las Sirenas, a 40-foot catamaran. There were three crew members that all spoke Spanish, two American couples and a Canadian father-daughter duo that sailed with us. We made our way down to Lake Izabal and laid anchor before the sun went down. The meals were excellent, considering the size of the kitchen and the constant rocking of the boat. At every meal there was amazing bread and peanut butter, that we ate if we still had room for more (and after a week on the boat we managed to go through 4 large jars of the peanut butter!) The next day at 6am, we made our way out from Rio ... read more

After the volcanoes and ruins in Guatamala, it was time to catch my breath and get in some beach time in Caye Caulker, a laid back island about 1 hour by boat from Belize City. The first day I went on a snorkelling tour around the island, and it really was the best snorkelling I have ever done. At the first site there were dozens of rays, swimming around and and even touching us. Kept thinking of Steve Irwin, but these rays where of the more harmless variety. At the next site there where large schools of fish, colourful corals, and best of all, reef sharks that swam with us and that we could even touch! All in all it was an amazing day snorkelling! The second (and last full day) on the island I spent ... read more

Sometimes its not so easy coming up with a "top 5" of all the things that I´ve done in my travels over the last few years. A lot of things have been cool, but for something to be rated as truly in the top 5 means that it needs to have been in a special class of its own. Shortly before I left London to start my travels, my mate Paul who´d been in Belize a few months earlier recommended that I get on the Ragamuffin 3 day/2 night island- hopping tour on a sail boat, cruising around Belize´s many uninhabited white sand islands, stopping off to snorkel at various places along the longest reef in the Western hemisphere, to eat lot of yum seafood (including some caught from the boat) and to spend the evenings ... read more
Morning View
Barracuda on the BBQ in Caye Caulker
Drinking Coconuts on Hopkins Beach

A Vacation from a Vacation Yes, it does seem strange to take a vacation while being on vacation but after 8 months of living in Mexico we were ready for a change. So we decided we’d head to Belize for a few weeks, to join my sister, Joan, and her husband John on the island of Caye Caulker. They had been visiting the island for the past 5 years and this gave us an opportunity to take a vacation while also getting in some quality time with family. Flying there was funny, in the sense that we had to fly back to the U.S. (Houston) to get to Belize. No easy way around it and very few options. Since we were already in the USA and needed to buy a few things that are difficult to ... read more
Sweet Sunsets
Chilling at Sunset
Beach on Beach

Before I left the states for Belize, my wisdom teeth started coming in. Now don't ask me why they waited so long. I thought maybe it was significant with the timing of leaving for my trip. Maybe I would need extra wisdom for what was to come, or maybe deciding to go to Belize was a wise choice and my wisdom teeth were letting me know. I even searched online to see if there is an 'old wives' tale about wisdom teeth and how they became known as such. I found no such tale, so if anyone does know and they care to share, I would love to hear it. Anyway, I went to the dentist before I came down and they recommended I get them taken out. Both uppers were coming in and impacted. Without ... read more

Hola.. Bin jetzt die vierte Woche unterwegs und jetzt auf Caye Caukler gelandet. Hanna und ich haben den letzten Tag in Puerto sehr genossen, wir waren Cafe trinken .. und am Beach relaxen. Am Abend hatten wir eine Einladung von Jeremy, einem Amerikaner den wir in der Flybar kennengelernt haben, der uns zum Essen eingeladen hat. Er hat uns sooooooooooooooooooo geniales Essen gekocht - Shrimps mit ChilliErdnussBrandy Sauce und Kartoffelkuchen..unglaublicher Gemackseindruck... Um 21:30 is dann unser Bus nach San Cristobal gefahren und wir haben wie Bebis geschlafen..Den Tag haben wir in San Cristobal verbracht, haben uns das kleine Oertchen angesehen mit vielen schoenen bunten alten Gebaeuden .. Am Abend mit den Roommates am Lagerfeuer gesessen und noch ein paar Bier getrunken, aber unser Bus nach Palenque ging schon um 6:00 in da frueh..also alles ganz easy.. ... read more
san cristobal
keep on jumping

Its been a long time since you last heard from us. After our wild stay in San Cristobal we headed into the jungle in Pelanque. We actaully stayed in El Panchant an little backpackers haven right next to the Mayan ruins. Our first night there was spent drinking with our Norwegian friends from Zipolite, who had completely forgiven us for kicking them out of our car due to weight restricitons. There was a little open mic action in the jungle as well and you can bet Sam Brown took more than his fair share of turns busting out covers and originals alike into the jungle night (pictures to follow in the coming days) We watched fire dancers and otehr crazy jungle things. In the morning we headed out for the ruins. No sooner had we started ... read more
Agua Azul
Palenque Ruins
Norwegian Friends

Our Travel Blog February 13, 2008 We left on feb 12th around 12:00pm to Vancouver airport headed to L.A. THe flight was about 5 hours long and I could not sleep at all due to a bad cough. Christianna could not sleep as well as I was keeping her up. L.A was a blur as it was just killing time before our next flight to El Salvador. It was nice being back to where I was born even though we never left the airport. From there we flew to Belize, our first official destination. We caught a cab to the water taxis in Belize City. Belize City itself was OK upon driving through a small part of the city, still to hard to judge as we did not spend so much time there. The water Taxi ... read more
The beautiful blue waters of "The Split".
Island Basketball
Coming home with beers

We were so taken by our first visit to Belize last March that we decided we had to come back often. We have a place on Ambergris Caye that we like, and plan to see some Mayan sites as well as snorkling. Andrew and I became open water certified so we can go scuba diving this year. We hope to do two dive trips, possibly to the blue hole, one of the most amazing sites in the world for diving (so we hear). As we are just starting, we probably won't go below eighty feet, but it should be pretty cool! More reports to follow.... read more

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