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Here are some more links on the storm. It's quite amazing what mother nature can bring in a short period of time and with no warning. read more

Tropical Storm Arthur 1 day before the official start of the hurricane season, and we experienced our first tropical storm. Tropical storm Arthur developed right over the island on the last day of May. Now June 1st is when the official hurricane season starts worldwide. However in Belize, they consider the hurricane season to be Sept and Oct. Last year everyone was surprised to have Dean so early in August. We experienced this storm as rain all day the first and second day, and no one was anticipating it to increase. However, last night the tropical storm gained some energy. I awoke about 2am to lots of wind, rain, thunder and lightening. After sleeping off and on throughout the night, I awoke to find what the storm had brought in. In my apartment it brought water. ... read more

So the reality of the blog is that this wonderful trip is now over by about 2 weeks...but I still have 2 more posts to do! So here goes: Chill out. Relax. Chillax! The Official Mom Section of the trip began in Belize City. I arrived early to the airport with my iPod and waited for her arrival. Although a bit late, she finally came drudging out of the passenger area and bellows "You don't know the HeLL I have just been through!" Yowza! Turns out the customs guy wanted a specific location for her 1st night in Belize. Amidst all the hubbub, she could only assure this man that her son was waiting on the other side of the door with all of the appropriate information. He graciously wandered around to find me but somehow ... read more
Lamanai Ruins
Mini-cruising the Caye
Taking the 1st snorkel plunge

Hello friends, This edition of the blog is going to cover quite a bit of time and locations. We tackled the Yucatan peninsula and Belize over the last 10 days or so. We have done alot! AFter our caves and volcanoes in Guatamala, Dave and I did an epic 16 hour day of bus rides to arrive in the deeply important city of Cancun. We passed through many small villages and beautiful jungles. It was hard to appreciate these bus vistas, however, as our bodies were perpetually covered in boiling sweat. Normally bus passengers pass the time by chatting to each other about their home countries and past travels. The energy required to hold these types of conversations proved to be too much for anyone on the bus. We spent the 16 hours mostly nursing our ... read more
Allegedly one of the longest pools in the world...
Foam Party
Blue Hole Stalactites at 140ft below

This is the last caye that we'll visit on this trip. We've anchored at the entrance to a peaceful lagoon where manatees are known to live. After dropping the anchors, one of the guys went out in the dinghy for a tour of the lagoon, and he saw something brown in the water, and then it turned all cloudy and muddy. He rushed back to the boat for a camera, and a couple of us went back with him. When manatees feed on the bottom, they stir up a lot of silt and mud, which is what we saw. But we didn't see the manatee making the mess. After we finished dinner the other night, I sat out on the front of the boat watching the stars. I was hoping to see the Southern Cross, which ... read more
Sunset behind Lagoon Cay
Hint of sun

The wind was in the wrong direction to sail here from North Long Cocoa Cay, so we motored here yesterday. The breeze was nice, and for the first time in several days, we're not uncomfortably hot and sticky. We saw dolphins on the way, and got here mid to late afternoon. South Water Cay is inhabited--it has three or four resorts separated by fences. Five of us went to the island to explore a bit, arrange for dinner, and have some cold beverages at the bar. Our first stop was the dive shop, so the divers could make arrangements to dive in the morning. Then we tried to get in for dinner at one restaurant, but they said they couldn't be bothered making dinner for us. So we went to IZE (International Zoological Expeditions), where we ... read more
Day's End at South Water Cay
Day fades over the Omaha Rainbow

There wasn't enough wind to sail from Ranguana Cay, so we motored here to North Little Cocoa Cay. When we arrived here, a couple of us went out in the dinghy to drop the second anchor, and have a quick tour around the Cay. When we got back, I hopped out of the dinghy and tied it quickly to the boat while we all figured out how we would spend the afternoon. I meant to check it, and make sure it was tied securely. Later that evening, I saw the dinghy drifting away. I couldn't jump in after it, because I was wearing my glasses and can't see without them, plus I didn't know how to start the dinghy, so I would have drifted away with it. One of the guys jumped in and swam after ... read more
Sunset at North Long Cocoa Cay
Days end at North Long Cocoa Cay
Coconut shell

This has definitely been a very different vacation for me. Not only am I traveling with other people, but the style of travel is very different. Instead of the everyday adventure of figuring out where to go, what to do, and carrying all my belongings on my back, I'm sleeping in the same bed every night, and I don't have to carry my valuables on my body 24 hours a day! We haven't been on the boat long enough to go stir crazy, but we were still really looking forward to getting off the boat and onto a beach. We sailed south today, at a relaxing 3 knots, to Ranguana Cay. It's just a tiny island near a break in the barrier reef. Even from a distance, it seemed like you could count the palm trees ... read more
Going to the Birds
Polished Conch

In spite of the fact that my feet are swollen and uncomfortable from the heat, it's been a relaxing day. We got here in time to get some snorkeling in--the corals were amazing! The moon made a brief appearance after another great sunset, and once it was dark and many of the boat lights were off, we saw some phosphorescent fish and plankton behind the boat.... read more
Days end at Little Water Cay
Sunset at Little Water Cay
Early Morning at Little Water Cay

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