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The wind was in the wrong direction to sail here from North Long Cocoa Cay, so we motored here yesterday. The breeze was nice, and for the first time in several days, we're not uncomfortably hot and sticky. We saw dolphins on the way, and got here mid to late afternoon. South Water Cay is inhabited--it has three or four resorts separated by fences. Five of us went to the island to explore a bit, arrange for dinner, and have some cold beverages at the bar. Our first stop was the dive shop, so the divers could make arrangements to dive in the morning. Then we tried to get in for dinner at one restaurant, but they said they couldn't be bothered making dinner for us. So we went to IZE (International Zoological Expeditions), where we ... read more
Day's End at South Water Cay
Day fades over the Omaha Rainbow

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