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Here is a snippet from our time in Guatemala and Belize, including the great Mayan capital Tikal and our very own castaway island shack. Please copy and paste this link into your browser - Enjoy!... read more

21st July - 3rd August Nicaragua - Honduras - El Salvador - Guatemala - Belize Having spent the previous day schlepping our way from the Corn Islands to Nicaragua's capital, we boarded another long distance bus and prepared ourselves for passing through another four countries in two days. We left behind the hoards of students sitting atop old American school buses celebrating the presidential anniversary and slipped though to Honduras passing beauty pageants, carnival floats and men sporting cowboy hats in the streets. We spent the night in El Salvador welcomed by shotgun toting guards at every door and fast food chains as far as the eye could see. Passing through another boarder we successfully laughed off the over eager sniffer dog obsessed with Charlie's crotch. No, we weren't drug smugglers, just innocent travellers with a ... read more
Antiguan ladies in traditional clothing
Monastery ruins
Semuc Champey

So, as you know we made it to Belize.... Now we just had to get to Sittee River and after a nightmare with trying to get cash we made the choice to head to Hopkins as that was in the must sees of Belize, had a great beach and looked big enough for us to stock up with supplies ready for our week on our Robinson Crusoe island .... We'd been told by the lady at the bus stop that we just got off at the Hopkins Junction and walked either left or right to whichever set of accommodation we fancied, north or south end of the beach..... So the bus dropped us off at the junction at the top of the main road junction, not that of the town..... However we were oblivious to this ... read more
Nurse Sharks
dinner prep!

The regular boat leaves for the Glovers Atoll Resort every Sunday at 9am from Sittee River, a village about 2 hours north of here. So Chris Jackson and I loaded our grocercies, his dive gear, and backpacks onto the 6am bus out of Placencia. It was a beautiful ride up the peninsula at dawn until we went over a huge pothole and heard a large cRRaCK from the back wheel area! The driver kept driving to the tempo of the punta reggae beat for about another 20 minutes, and then, about one mile from the junction of the Southern Highway, he pulled over, inspected the wheel, and pretty much just gave up! He didn't tell anyone on the bus that we were officially broke down or that we were abandoning the bus, but two by two, ... read more
Going back to school...
...on the bus at dawn
Oh!  Except it broke down...

From Tikal I jumped on a tourist shuttle across the border to Belize, where I then caught several different local buses to get to Sitee River. Before I entered Belize I wasn't really sure what to expect. I here very different things from peoples experiences, with some people loving it and others thinking very little of the place. Even just for the language I didn't really know what to expect, despite the official language being English. When I jumped onto my first local bus I was even more confused. I knew that, aside from English, Creole was spoken a lot and Spanish in many places too (there are also other languages spoken in places). Creole I had been told was kinda broken English and so I half expected to understand it. However, on the bus (where ... read more
Red Snapper Tonight

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