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So off to tikal we went.. Leaving flores around 1230 pm we arrived at the park 90 minutes later and took a guided tour. tikal is different to many of the other ruins in central america as its set deep into the jungle with some temples rising more than 61 metres high. Most of the temples have been cleared from trees and vines which has grown over the villages over many centuries. As we walked between settlements, we saw a range of monkeys, squirells, snakes and all sorts of birds. We decided to take the sunset tour as oppose to the sunrise tour and we got to see the sunset whilst sitting on the 60 metre temple. This was by far one of he best sunsets we had ever seen as it was above the rain ... read more
Having a drink, Caye Caulkner
Caye Caulkner Hotel

Yesterday we did as little as humanly possible. We spent a lot of time hanging around the pool. It was crazy hot. On our way back from breakfast we heard some music so we wandered over to the basketball court where it was coming from. It looked like some kind of children's festival so of course I grabbed by camera and paid my dollar to get in. There were children running and dancing all over the place. Some were dressed up in traditional clothing. It instantly made you smile! They were celebrating their heritage which has deep historical roots. Belize is a multiethnic country with residents of African, Caribbean, Amerindian, European, and Asian descent. Colonstation, slavery and immigration have played a big role in affecting the ethnic diversity and population. Some of the common names you ... read more

Day 1 is gone and we are now into day 2. The weather has improved today with more sun and less wind and cloud. Still a lot bett than the weather in Lethbridge so no complaints here. The best part about being on a small island with limited activity is the biggest decision you will make all day is "where and I going to eat?" Lets start with breakfast. We are creatures of habit so we usually go to a place called Amory cafe. Amory is a cute little wooden blue and orange building with a couple levels of picnic tables. It's located on Main Street and is a great spot to people watch. They serve everything from eggs to breakfast sandwiches to waffles. Another place we like to go is the Happy Lobster. They make ... read more

Judging by the title you probably think all we do in Belize is drink. While that happens from time to time, it's only a small part of the whole experience. this is our 5th trip here. We've been coming each year since 2009. During that time, we've learned a lot about this country and its people and we want to share our experience. We are not seasoned travellers by any means. You really can't be considered seasoned if you only get to do it once a year and you really only go to one place. But I guess that going to one place has allowed us to build up enough experience to talk about it with some amount of confidence. First you have to get there. Depending on where you live, you can get there by ... read more

We've had a super second week on Caye Caulker and we are cherishing our last few days until we return to the great white north!! Not much to report, everyday is much the same enjoying the beach, water activities, happy hours and dining out. We had a few days of crazy wind but we're back to calm and perfect again. I forgot to mention last time about Belize's emphasis on the environment. They have regulations that prevent the sea grass from being cut along the beach. Hense many spots do not have easy access for swimming. However, most hotels have a dock that reaches to the deeper water which is perfect for swimming. The water is crystal clear and warm as is the water in the channel by the split. This week we all took an ... read more
Carol and I biking the island
Goffs Caye
Our Beach Hangout

"You Better Belize It" is the latest Belize motto, and it's right on! It's a really fun place to vacation! This is our third trip to Belize and the island of Caye Caulker is one of our favourite spots to be! On previous trips we toured the mainland, visited all the hot spots and checked out some of the other islands. They were all amazing but Caye Caulker just felt right so we decided to return here and spend our last couple of weeks relaxing in the Caribbean. Caye Caulker is an interesting little island like no other! The inhabitants are a mixture of black, spanish, creole and mayan with english as their first language. Many speak with a little different lingo that is fun to listen to and they are as friendly as could be! ... read more
Sand Streets
Our Beach
The Dock from our hotel

I left the American girls in Flores as they were heading south and I headed to Belize and Caye Caulker to meet a friend and her new travel buddies. I took a 5am bus to Belize City, which drops you right at the dock and there is a fast boat to Caye Caulker which takes about 40 minutes to an hour. It was strange driving just a few hours and then being in a country where English is also spoken albeit with a carribean accent and a mix of the kriol language. Getting the boat from the dock gives you the first view of cristal clear turquiose waters and the white coral sand beneath the waves. I met Kelly on the dock of Caye Caulker, had a Belizan breakfast with her and her two new friends ... read more
Nurse sharks

Half way through the second week of Heather and mine’s travels we made our way to Caye Caulker. We left Tulum in the pouring rain, conditions which would last the whole of our journey. We arrived in Chetumal the last town in Mexico before the border to Belize. We weren’t entirely sure of our plan at this point, we had in mind using a bus service to get to the border and then after crossing the border getting a further bus to Orange Walks, a town in Belize. When we departed the bus at Chetumal however, we saw a man selling boat taxi tickets direct to Caye Caulker. As notorious impulse buyers, Heather and I changed our plans and opted for the $50 US each ticket to Caye Caulker. We hopped in a taxi to the ... read more
Funny sign on front street

Cay Caulker and the Northern Reef Don't barf first. Don't barf first... This was my mantra as our dive boat flew over eight foot waves, then crashed into the troughs between with bone jarring slaps. My spine felt like an accordion. Debra and I were en route to the Great Blue Hole, a deep underwater sink hole made famous when Jacques Cousteau declared it to be among the top ten scuba diving sites in the world. My wish was granted. I didn't barf first or even at all. We arrived at the Blue Hole, strapped on our tanks, and one at a time giant-stepped off the back of the boat. But when I hit the choppy water, I found myself gasping for air. I was reluctant to submerge for fear that I ... read more
moray eel
Caye Caulker International
Cay Caulker Mall

Hello all. Greetings from Caye Caulker and happy new year. I will say it is always nice to spend the new year abroad. Feels like I'm already started with my new year's resolution of more travel! The day of the 31st was spent at The Split, a bar which has the only "beach" on the island. Beach is in quotations because it is simply a platform deck that has sand on it with a jump off point into the water. I met two traveling friends and we hung out all day here. I participated in my first flash mob to Gangnam. It was quite fun with everyone on the beach getting involved. Later that night we rang in the new year in the same place with just about everyone else on the island. There were fireworks ... read more

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