Go slow

Published: August 22nd 2008
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Go Slow...this is the way of life in a little paradise called Caye Caulker and also the motto of the town. This place really is unbeliveable. It is a tiny island off of Belize. First of all there are no cars (except for two service trucks) everyone just rides bikes and walks since there are only 3 streets: front, middle, and back. Every place is playing Reggae and the locals are rastas, the water is a glorious turquoise, and the food is awesome. Huge lobster fresh from the sea for $15. While on Caye Caulker I did two snorkeling trips while Bryan dived, one through Seahawk Sailing Tours, which was AWESOME. We went to three places, I saw tons of Stingrays (and held one), Baracudas, Nurse Sharks, Dolphins, a Puffer, an Octopus, a Moray (sp?) Eel, plus tons of other stuff I can't remember, not to mention thousands of beautiful fish. It was great. Other than that while on Caye Caulker we rented bikes and rode all around the island, swam, met tons of awesome people, and just had a great time. I will definitely be returning later in life.


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