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Covid saga Well we get off the ship and take a PCR test to get into the villa which was called Mustard Seed and it was situated in the Mullins area of Barbados. The villa was amazing and really in a good situation. So we all think everything is fine and dandy - how wrong can things go. We all get our results later in the day apart from Sue and Eric. We are all negative so we go out for a meal. Then when we get back the worst news that could happen was Sue had tested positive. One of the stipulations on Barbados is that you need to inform your accommodation provider immediately. So on the Sunday we inform the agent who is handling the booking for the villa from The local track ... read more
Sunset from our isolation villa

Central America Caribbean » Barbados » Bridgetown January 15th 2022

So all packed and checked out of hotel now a spot of lunch. We found a lovely little place called Sage - well did we find it truly, no Graham had been given the heads up that it is a great spot for brunch. It was a really stylish place. I loved the light fitting and might take that idea back to Blighty, anyway I had better mind my Ps and Qs. Back to the hotel and then the journey begins. We get to the port and go through the first part of the journey by booking in and then we are taken to Shed 3 where all the paperwork has to be gone through. Now we start with the musical chairs but without the music. We have to give in our latest PCR, copies of ... read more
Nelson’s Dockyard
Kate climbing the mast

So we all got our negative PCR test results the night before and now comes the part where we needed to print out our certificates for boarding the Clipper. You would think that would be easy but as I always had a saying with my dad “nothings simple” so after toing and froing we all manage to get a hard copy of our certificates - so we all think now we have the paperwork in order to board tomorrow. So we have another day swimming on the sandy beach and whilst in the water Sue (L) and Eric notice next to a reef that there is a massive turtle - so Sue (L) runs back up the beach and we all go down to see if we can catch a glimpse of it. It does take ... read more
Fish Tacos with Jalapeños
Baby Dolls restaurant

Well it was a really quiet day today with not a lot going on if I am honest. We all had to go for our PCR tests so we can board the ship on Saturday. The tests were completed across the road from our hotel so not to much of a faff we thought until we got to the desk and the lady asks us for our QR codes. To which we all said we have not got one. The poor lady then tried to explain to us that we needed one and how to get it. You would think that would be simple except we did not have internet access so some of us used her iPad to fill in the forms (which we had done before and were not given a QR code) and ... read more

So up early and we decide that we are going to have breakfast on the balcony and as everything went into our fridge we meet on our balcony which Eric has renamed Paula’s Arms. Once breakkie was completed off we trot to Bridgetown. We all jump into a boogie bus. If you have been to Barbados or the caribbean you will know what one of these is. If not it is a transit van with lots of seats in and they are driven up and down by the locals and they hoot you all the time and you hail one and all jump in - a real Barbadian treat. So we arrive in Bridgetown and we lose Graham only to find him dreaming of days gone by, ha ha. So we drag Graham away from his ... read more
A sign at a fruit and veg stall
Royal Clipper not Star Clipper

Well another day in paradise (Phil Collins eat your heart out). It has been a quiet day today mainly by the beach. However, we did venture out for brunch which was a really nice meal. We also managed to change our PCR test to over the road instead of being over 30 miles away slo that was a win win for us to be honest. Sue, Graham and Eric decided to go into Bridgetown for a change and now the story begins!! When we got back to the room Sue and our key card did not work to get into the room so we had to investigate by Mike and Sue going down to reception whilst I waited upstairs with the shopping. Whilst they were at reception I noticed a lady cleaning rooms so I asked ... read more

Well its day 2 of our holiday in the Caribbean and we have finally unpacked and started to chill - well not sure of that one!. We went to get some cash out today and all went well and have spent the day chilling by the sea - think I could become a beach bum if this carries on. So this is my view from our balcony not bad I think when you think we have been dealing with Covid and the loss of loved ones over the year. So we are all chilling out by the sea and Eric who we have gone on this break with (including Sue his long suffering wife) decides he is going to go green and decides he is going to clean the ocean all by his self and guess ... read more
Eric decides he is going to clean the waters
spot Mike;s hanger

Well we have arrived at last into Barbados. You will never know how many hoops we have had to jump through. Even down to when we were supposed to board and the tannoy says we are waiting to see if the captain has tested positive!!!! However, that is all in the past now as arrived at the hotel and first thing, well nearly the first thing, as had to unpack my dresses and hang them up and guess what realised Mike only has one hanger left - well princess or what never said I was anything else, ha ha, we had a swim in the sea and a few beers and a bite to eat. I need to tell you this, do not and I am saying do not, watch The Father with Anthony Hopkins and ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Barbados August 31st 2021

The Flower Forest is a tropical paradise located in the heart of the Barbados countryside! This botanical garden is home to a multitude of majestic palms, colourful shrubs and tropical flowers. Today I was able to virtually visit with & Gina our guide. It is hard to imagine that it was once a sugar plantation as it resembles nothing of the sort today - a true conversion! To say that the garden is expansive is an understatement. It covers a whopping 53 acres. Just some of the flowers & palms we saw. Anthurium (Anthurium Inflorescence) Red Ginger Lily (Alpinia Pupurata) Heliconia (Heliconia Rostrata) Ixora (Ixora Coccinea) Royal palm Macaw palm Travellers palm Many of the flowers are not indigenous to the island. It has been speculated that most species of flowers and plants in Barbados ... read more

So the word that is on everyone's lips at the moment is "Corona virus" and I'm over the moon to be sat here in my little house in Liverpool on the eve of my embarkation to what seems to be one of the very few virus free countries left in the world. I'm self congratulating (not isolating) myself, and must admit, feeling a little smug about my shrewd choice of adventure by deciding to visit Barbados. My heart does go out though to the millions of fellow travelers, adventurers and holiday makers who've had their dreams crushed by what appears to be a potentially catastrophic plague. The only catastrophe that has befallen me yet is the inability to purchase any toilet roll for the last 3 days. What's that all about? All I can say is ... read more

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