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November 28th 2007
Published: November 30th 2007
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Today we're in Barbados and Ashley invited me to join her and some other Entertainment staff on an adventure to Blue Monkey Beach.

One of the popular tours to do in Barbados is to go snorkeling with sea turtles. I love turtles. So when I'd read about that tour, I was excited to go on it. But then thanks to other crew, I learned a tour isn't necessary. We hopped in a taxi and went off to the beach. Pretty. White sand, blue water. But quite busy. Apparently it isn't always so, but we were in port with about 6 other ships, so possibly that's why. So we got a spot on the beach and rented some snorkel gear.

Out in the water, about 100 feet out were a bunch of catamarans and glass bottom boats and a ton of people in the water. That's where all the turtles were. All along the beach are the usual people offering massages and jewellery and umbrellas. But also, there were guys offering to drive you out in boats to the turtles. Again, they were only about 100 feet out there!

We swam out. The current close to shore was pretty strong and the waves crashing against the beach were pretty forceful as well. But once you got beyond that, it was better. But I won't lie, I was tired going out there. Who knew that a six month break from swimming could make such a difference? How did I ever improve in swimming lessons growing up when there would be almost a year break in between levels?

Once we got out there, we found the turtles. Compared to snorkeling with the stingrays when there were hundreds of them, there weren't very many. I think we saw about half a dozen. But still, they were sea turtles swimming with us in the ocean! There were also tons of fish - little silver ones, yellow & black striped ones and few HUGE silver fish. I don't know what they were, but they were a good 4 feet long. Once the catamaran tours took off (along with the food they bring for the turtles) the turtles disappeared too. So we headed back to shore for some beach time. Later in the afternoon, Ashley and I went out for another round when another group of tours arrived.

So the port adventures have begun! More to come . . .

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A Blue MonkeyA Blue Monkey
A Blue Monkey

The only ones to be found were like this one.

30th November 2007

your eyes match the water!!
it seems your adventures have begun and you have an underwater camera case?!?! coolness. keep the good stories coming, and perhaps i will be joining you come february? lovelovelove. andrea.
1st December 2007

Seeing the water and turtles and people NOT wearing winter coats... sigh. Drink it all up Netter.
4th December 2007

It's all coming back to me now....
Hey there Netter, Im so happy that you are getting to experience this all over again, and with a bunch of new experiences mixed in. Take it all in, and I will re-live it through you. All the best.

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