Barbados, our last Caribbean stop...

Published: April 20th 2018
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Apologies for not having been here for a while. Let say that a little collapse of my computer didn't help, and it is not easy to download pics using an Ipad!

So I', just short of three months late on blogging, with as you can imagine, a certain of blog behind me. So let's try to catch up, on place at a time! Here is is, our last little stop of our Caribbean trip. After the cruise on the Club Med 2, we stay one night in St Anne on Guadeloupe. I really can't understand why people flight 8 hours to such an island. Not cheap, not specially nice, and if you want to find nice locals, you may want to go somewhere else. So one night was compulsory as there are few inter islands flights in the Caribbean and our flight to Barbados was only next morning.

Ah Barbados, British Airways use to fly from London with the Concorde once a week, just to drop guests at the iconic Sandy Lane. I love gorgeous places, so just out of curiosity, I checked what was the average room rate. Yes, it was just north of 1900usd per night! May have include breakfast, but that was for a basic room, so we passed on this one.

Nothing is cheap on Barbados, it's like this. We just finished a week of relative luxury, so we kept it more basic here. Burst few points to get an amazing deal at the local Courtyard. Nothing amazing about the hotel, but my credit card didn't take a bite, and we had a more than decent room.

We spent time walking around, a lot of time walking around. The capital Bridgetown is a gorgeous little place, with solid friendly people! I know, the British were around! Saturday was horse races, and we were lucky just to be walking by there during our Saturday afternoon.

I went one morning for a single dive. Truly nice dive center. Nothing really amazing to dive here. So the owner of the dive center advised me to join the 7 wrecks dive. They sink 7 wrecks on a there is not an easier dive than this, but it kept me well entertained, and there was no issues with fun penetration. Idiot me, I forgot to charge properly my camera, so middle of the dive, no more pics. Well, there were few cute pics before that!

Nothing much to write about the food. Everything here is super expensive, and our next stops will be all about food too! So we kept it pretty easy and basic. Couldn't stop to buy the local top rum. That one is a third of the price than anywhere else. I would have visit Mount Gay distillery, but it looks way to much like a tourist trap!

Next, we were on a plane to Miami. Time to collect our bag with all our winter clothes and the Atlantic. It was dinner on board, breakfast with bubbles in the lounge in Lisbon...ready for more solid adventures! Coming soon, few more blogs!

Point to note, I can now declare that I have visited all independent nations in the Caribbean beside Haiti. We landed and took off from Haiti just a few days ago, but as we never left the plane it doesn't count. I have to be honest, Haiti is not on my wish-list!

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20th April 2018

It doesn't look like you made it to the other side of the island. It is rugged and raw. Dave and I were married on the beach in Barbados. Thanks for the memories.
20th April 2018

You are right!
We kept it actually very relax, so relax that we didn't much! Sometimes it does feel good like this, even if it means we experience less! And not even a round of golf for me there too!

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