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January 5 After two weeks of mishaps, we set out from Bradford Marina with relief, sensing that the place was beginning to grow on us against our will. We planned to leave at 7, but didn't pull in the lines from the dock until 8:20. Our destination was the seldom visited chain called the Berry Islands. It was a direct course south to southeast which was to probably take all day. Upon leaving the derelict cruise ships and rusty cargo containers behind, we discovered that the wind was at our backs. We unfurled the mainsail and genoa (a sail at the bow), and turned the motor off. The wind was steady from the north and we held a steady speed of 6 to 7 knots, or nautical miles per hour. The captain was at the helm ... read more

Now that Nautilus was up on stilts, repair work could begin on the rudder, and among the crew. The foam underneath the fiberglass shell buffered the impact from the metal skeleton of the actual rudder. The fiberglass only had to be replaced. Of course, removing the boat meant that several other projects could be started, including scrubbing the algae and grime off the hull, grinding the barnacles off the propellor, buffing the sides and fixing the depth guage once and for all. (The GPS has depth-finding capabilities, too.) We would be up in the air for at least several days. As for the crew, Treva and Franzi hired a car and a room in a hotel in Freeport proper. They needed to rethink things, as well as run some errands. Mau, Captain and I stayed to ... read more
Cleaning Nautilus
A New Look

The Steiner Family in its entirety went to Harbour Island in the Bahamas ( for the celebration of the family matriarch, Gilberte's 80th birthday, post Christmas and New Years. The week was filled with joy, celebration, sunshine and snorkeling. The entire clan stayed at the Coral Sands Resort and we literally drank the hotel under the table  Our favorite parts were: • The entire restaurant toasting to the life and health of Gilberte as we celebrated her big day • Sunrises on the beach • Taking a boat out with Aunt Catherine and the younger kids and scuba diving/snorkeling. Also, Laurie being out swam by 12 year old Anna. • Charlie chasing us through the sea as we rowed along in our Kayak. Charlie’s favorite part of the trip was tipping our boat. Laurie’s ... read more
First Stop: WaterTaxi
Red V. Tan...
Daily View

Central America Caribbean » Bahamas » Grand Bahama » Freeport December 28th 2005

The injured Nautilus neared the smokestacks on the horizon that characterize Freeport. The barges came into view, littering the bay outside the harbour entrance, dwarfing our vessel with their massive multi-ton sterns and unimaginably heavy load of cargo and storage containers. I reeled in the fishing line, hoping to avoid catching any fish from the discharge of these metallic monsters. We radioed into the marina and were told how to reach the dock. We filed in between the rock jetties and gawked at the giant blue cranes lined up like ten outstretched Eiffel Towers, dropping rusty storage containers onto barges bearing the destinations Valetta, Monrovia, Shanghai, and Panama. This massive operation gave an eerie impression to the scale of unnoticed movement of goods around the world. We then came upon a row of derelict cruise ... read more
Black Pearl
Lifting Nautilus
Nautilus and Michael the Dockmaster

Central America Caribbean » Bahamas » Grand Bahama » Freeport December 27th 2005

Running aground is a great way to meet the locals. My alarm beeped at 6:00. I snoozed for ten. Then, I woke everyone else up. We pulled out after a prolonged breakfast, closer to 7:30 than the 7:00 we had planned. Doing so required a 180 degree maneuver, all the while clearing the other boats in the dock. We had discussed the operation the night before and , given the low amount of wind on this morning, decided that we should swing the stern around with the bow still at the dock, and then throttle away. Sounds easy. Somehow in doing so, the boat began drifting towards other expensive yachts and in order to compensate, the captain motored ahead... into the dock. I was standing on the bow pushing with all my might against the ... read more
Benjamin, Advardo & Arild

Central America Caribbean » Bahamas » Grand Bahama » West End December 26th 2005

We've spent a little too much time here at Old Bahama Bay Marina, idling amongst the wealthy. The rest was welcome from the rough crossing, but the only thing to do here is while away dollars and show off your diamonds and your $1.50 boobjob. The locals can barely hide their smirk in the face of it all; they can play this game. They even have a patois so that the USers don't understand. These are the weekend jetsetters from Florida escaping their family and financial problems just to show off their motorcraft's widescreen TV during the Packers-Cowboys game. No worries, they'll head back in the other direction soon enough. As for us we're headed up through shallow waters to a few cays, where we'll anchor for a night, and then on to more cays with ... read more

Flying In to North Eleuthera So close yet so far, we flew down to FLL which was nuts and finally got into this rattle trap. The family took up half the airplane. But if anyone ever needed a beach vacation, we did, look at those mugs. The only way to get into Harbour Island, in many ways as exclusive as St. Barths, is via plane to North Eleuthera followed by a ferry ride to Harbour Island which sits 2 miles across the bay. Harbour Island & Dumore Town Forget Nassau, Freeport, Paradise Island, Coco Key, and any of the other cruise ship islands. If you want to see some great islands, go to the other Bahamanian islands. You truly feel some of the old English colonial spirit and there are not the cruise ship loads coming ... read more
Little Cookoo
Coral Sands Resort: Our Room
View from the Room

Central America Caribbean » Bahamas December 25th 2005

I've discovered that the hardest part of sailing is actually getting off the dock. The captain had started several ambitious projects and was in no way able to complete them. We had planned to go south, and the winds looked good. But, a few more delays, a few more days, and the winds change. Fed up with waiting, we just came here to Grand Bahama Island! The crossing was rough once we left the harbor. We were greeted with strong waves and winds, strong enough to nearly knock off the wind generator at the stern of the 43ft boat. (Nautilus is her name.) Once we resolved that problem, we raised the sails and settled into a course of 78 degrees. A large family of dolphins greeted us soon after, diving under the keel and surfaceing playfully ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Bahamas » Nassau December 3rd 2005

Hej igen. Tack for era meddelanden, de varmer i hjartat!! En annan sak som varmer ar solen. Idag ar det ca 96 fahrenheit. Lite molnigt har och dar men varmt och skont. Igar hade vi en dag pa havet mellan St. Thomas och Nassau. And guess what we did.... vi akte skridskor i batens ishall!!!!!! Fatta!!!!! Det har vi inte gjort pa manga ar. Liz gjorde nastan varldens snyggaste vurpa men det blev istallet en snygg stepp pa isen... :) Haha. Forutom det spelade vi minibangolf och basket pa pooldeck. Jatteroligt. Idag har vi kollat pa the mens bellyflop competition vid poolen. Lite skoj men oj vad ont det sag ut. Det ar darfor vi bara kollar pa och inte joinar... Imorgon kommer vi till Miami, forhoppningsvis kan vi shoppa lite mer da :). Aker sedan ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Bahamas November 25th 2005

I forgot the name of this place, but I'll fill it in later. Went snorkling with Deezel and saw some pretty interesting marine life. Her favorite part was putting rocks over the eels holes and watching them freak out and knock the rock away....Kind of rude if you ask me. It was sad because it was the last day and I knew I wouldn't see a lot of the people I was with for about 8 months but it was a brilliant day and a perfect way to end the trip!!... read more

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