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November 27th 2009
Published: October 1st 2017
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It was very windy all night. I woke to the sensation of motion – but how could we be moving, while we were tied to the dock? But the tide had changed, giving the spring lines some slack: when the wind came up, it pushed us from the dock, stretching out the slack – and when the wind subsided, the spring lines pulled us back. We were moving, but only a few feet. I lay awake for a while, gazing at the stars through the hatch. Lovely.

Early in the morning, even before coffee, Paul, Pas and I decided to walk to the lighthouse to take some Silver Hour photos. It was a bit of a challenge to pull Wild Cat close enough to the dock so that we could jump out: two people would tug on the spring line, slowly moving the boat, and the third person would jump off. It was quiet on the walk to the lighthouse – and we managed to befriend one of the skittish kitties. We took a few nice photos while the sun was low on the horizon – the lighthouse is so photogenic – then returned to the boat.

After brekkies, we
all went to the lighthouse. Mum was too tired to climb to the top, so Pas stayed with her. Paul, the girls, and I made the climb up the pink spiral staircase, then out through the hatch. It was very windy on the balcony, but the views – and the photographs of Kyla's ponytail standing out horizontally from her head – made it worthwhile. Down below, in the boatyard, we watched a boat mover in a giant forklift pick up a boat and head for the water. The small boat bounced precariously on the arms of the forklift – it was not secured at all – and the wind seemed like it would pick up the boat and toss it aside. We really wanted to see how it would be placed into the water – Paul speculated that the forklift would accelerate, then stop abruptly, launching the boat into the air – but it was taking too long, and we had other things to do.

Next, Paul, the girls and I went back to Hope Town. We first drove all the way around the North shore loop – some lovely places out here; and it seems that there is more seclusion here than in most of the rest of Elbow Cay. We next visited the Art Fair at the Harbour Lodge – but it was too crowded to see the art! Needing room to breathe, we returned to town, to shop at a boutique, get fresh (just out of the oven – we had to wait two minutes for it) key lime pie from Vernon's, and pick up ice, rum and other necessities. While Paul bought rum, Marin and I climbed up the small dune to see the Memorial to Those Lost at Sea and view the reef beyond. We returned our golf carts just at noon, to the sound of the chimes from the church.

We departed Hope Town at 1:30pm, after lunch on board (and finally had to switch to the second water tank, while doing the lunch dishes). It was very choppy out at sea. We debated sailing past Man O'War Cay, then returning on a perpendicular heading to Marsh Harbour – the beauty of the plan was that it would put the waves more on our quarter … but the difficulty was that it would mean almost two more hours of bouncy-bouncy. We finally decided we would not gain much comfort from the giant tack, so we just changed direction a bit, which had much the same effect.

It's never that easy to find the entrance to Marsh Harbour, but we managed to do so, even if we used the commercial buoys to help us. We debated anchoring for the night but finally decided that we would be more comfortable on the dock. Refueled first, then found a slip – after we received approval from three separate Moorings personnel to barbeque off the stern tonight. We enjoyed another gorgeous sunset during cocktail hour.

While we waited for dinner to cook, we talked to a man who drives, for a hobby, a model blimp in the Superdome during New Orleans Saints games. He was all excited about Monday night's game, when he would be dropping leaflets from the blimp during half-time. What a great hobby! He also offered us a tour of his cat – a much larger one than ours, so we accepted. (Too luxurious for my tastes.)

After dinner, had a long discussion about silly political subjects, a shower on shore (ahhh), packed, then went to bed.

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15th February 2011

I thoroughly enjoyed your blog. It is extremely well written and the pics are great. I have spent a lot of tome inthebahamas and I really got a feel for how much you love the place and your time spent there. Your blog is great testimonial t
o the bahamas and the moorings. Well done.

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