Conception Island

Published: May 22nd 2010
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The Salty DogThe Salty DogThe Salty Dog

Kona is so happy to be back in the Bahamas!!!
I would be remiss if I didn’t write a blog about Conception Island, the gem of the southern Bahamas. It truly is paradise. And like so many places in this world, the harder the journey the greater the reward. Conception is an island that we have wanted to visit many times but that has eluded us over the years. Part of the reason is because it is remote and off the beaten path for boats travelling in the Bahamas. And in order to really enjoy the island, you must have good weather. Luckily, we were able to stop there on our way back up from the Turks and Caicos. And we were fortunate enough to be able to spend a few days there.

Our time there was magical. We would spend most of the day relaxing in the cockpit, just mesmerized by the surrounding beauty. The gin color water was so crystal clear, like nowhere else we have ever been. And we had lots of visitors. A couple of dolphins swam thru one day, and a big lemon shark was hanging around most of the time, and schools of spanish mackerel would investigate our underwater lights at night. Awesome!!! There
Conception IslandConception IslandConception Island

Having a nice beach day at Conception Island- can't get over the color of the water. Gorgeous!
are even a flock of long tailed tropical birds that nest on the island, so we would watch them soar thru the sky and admire their grace.

And the beach… oh my! We concluded that if we ever had to make a beach, this is what we would try to replicate. A perfect half moon crescent, a mile long of soft and glistening white sand, with enough shells to collect along the way to keep you busy. And the waves would gently lap along the shore, inviting you in for a dip. Needless to say, we decided it was time for an official beach day. So we loaded up the dinghy with the essentials: Kona, a cooler, noodles, sunscreen and hats. It was paradise, straight out of a corona commercial. And Kona could not be happier. He swam and swam, dug in the sand, chased coconuts, and tried to pick up the empty conch shells. He truly is an old salty dog.

But the highlight of our stay in Conception Island was when we went off exploring the interior mangrove creeks. We waited until high tide and then loaded up in the dinghy. I don’t know what it
Up A CreekUp A CreekUp A Creek

Exploring the mangrove creeks at Conception, so shallow that you have to wait for high tide to get in (and still, there isn't that much water).
is about exploring a creek that is so much fun, I guess because you never know what you might find around the next bend. And the mangroves are filled with wildlife; we saw lots of different birds, a couple of baby sharks, bonefish and barracuda, and tons of turtles. We ended up spending four hours just moseying around the interior of the island, exploring all the different passages and channels. Often we would shut off our motor and silently drift along with the current, so we wouldn’t frighten away the wildlife. And we would get so close to the turtles that we could almost reach out and touch them- cool!

What can I say, Conception is a deserted island paradise. And it made us fall in love with the Bahamas all over again.

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Jay navigating the dinghy thru the shallow waters of the mangrove creeks.

Having a lovely day exploring the mangrove creeks, watching all the birds and turles and sharks. Cool!

We can't believe how many turtles there are in the mangroves- so cool!

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