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Good morning from Princess Cays – a privately owned beach on one of Bahama’s southern islands. We got up and met the Seibert’s for a breakfast in the Dining Room at 8:00. Today was a leisurely paced affair so we had plenty of time for breakfast. Janet was able to get her favorite meal – Eggs Benedict. Today is our first port call, except there isn’t a port and we anchored off the island. Then a series of shuttles transferred everyone ashore who wanted to go ashore. We didn’t have to get into the usual life boats but instead there were larger double-decker boats taking about 200 at a time. Jim, Kathy, and David went ashore and Janet stayed on the Regal Princess to visit with the Knitters and Knatters. The three of us got our ... read more
View of Princess Cays from Shuttle
Some small fish swimming near the dock,
Regal Princess

Today we are at a private section of the island of Eleuthera, which is part of the Bahamas. Princess owns full access to this section and most of their Caribbean cruises stop here. Columbus discovered the Bahamas by landing here on Oct 12, 1492 before continuing his voyage. The guide from our tour today (we’re getting ahead of ourselves) said this island is about the midpoint of the 700 islands that make up the Bahama Archipelago. There are roughly 13,000 full time inhabitants here. Where we are, it is only about 50 miles to the west before you come to the coast of Florida. You can use Google or maybe ask Alexa for more information, so we won’t duplicate that information any further. But it is a scenic location and the temperature this morning was about ... read more
Welcome to Princess Cays
Some of the many people
Regal Princess

I had an amazing time in Eleuthera. I went with my girlfriend for some peace and relaxation!!! We rented a place for cheap on VRBO and flew via Bahamas Air. The amount of time we spent on deserted beaches was unimaginable. The sun, the waves, the people..... Everything was AMAZING!! We are the DIY travel type, we aren't about that "All Inclusive" lifestyle. Because of that, we were able to really get away and see a realer part of the Bahamas. Here are a few key takeaways. 1. Bring extra sunscreen 2. Bring DEET bugspray 3. Dont leave your clothes on the floor. There are scorpions, and the hide in your stuff. 4. Make sure you name any geckos and give them words of encouragement to eat more bugs. 5. If you are a black american, ... read more

Geo: 24.5343, -76.7991Last year we missed Shroud Cay and I was really excited to take a dinghy ride through the mangroves to the beach on the other side. The trip did not disappoint. It was calm, with perfectly clear water and the most beautiful beach on the other side. The sand was like icing sugar. Christa, Steve, and I couldn't resist going for a swim in such a perfect setting. Our only mistake was that it was so late in the day and we were losing daylight to make it back to our boats. We pinched every last moment in that we could, and then started the slow return back to our boats. "Desperation" towed "T/T Simunye" because our engine is wonderfully quiet and it only seemed right in such an already tranquil setting. (Desperation is ... read more

Monday, December 23, 2013 (Eleuthera Island (Princess Cays) I was up at 5:00 am this morning so I could start writing my blog from our first day. Cindy and kids woke up at 7:45 am. There was no real rush to wake up earlier because our tours started later. After eating breakfast in the Symphony dining room, we gathered our belongings from our rooms and heading to our meeting place to exit our ship. This morning we needed to take a tender to Eleuthera Island (Princess Cays). Here is some information on Eleuthera Island (Princess Cays). This island in located in the Bahamas’ and is an exclusive port for Princess Cruises. The entire island is 100 miles long and 2 miles wide. Princess Cruises owns 30 acres of the island. They say that Princess Cays, when ... read more
Jennifer and Michael on the beach, our cruise ship in the background.
Jennifer and I in our dune buggy
Jennifer and I with the Big Pond in the background.

Nous remontons tranquillement vers le nord des Bahamas. Nous sommes actuellement à Rock Sound au sud de l’île d’Eleuthera que nous avons atteint par le Bahamas Sound via Walderick Cay dans le « Exumas Park ». C’est un parc national où il est interdit de pêcher ou de ramasser quoi que ce soit (poisson, conch, coquillage, noix de coco, etc.) et où nous devons être autonome complètement, c'est-à-dire qu’il n’y a pas d’endroit où refaire les provisions que ce soit en nourriture, en eau, ou en essence non plus que d’endroit où laisser les déchets. Par ailleurs, le détour en vaut le coup. Mercredi le 2 février : BONNE FÊTE MAMAN ALINE (81 ans) !!! Georgetown, Exumas, Bahamas. Je prends une chance et me rend au « salon de coiffure » du village. Il faut ... read more
Beau paysage !
Francine et Charlie
Randonnée pédestre sur la Exumas Trail

When traveling to the Out Islands of the Bahamas always make sure to pack your snorkeling gear! The Bahamas name is derived form "Baja Mar" which means shallow water, and wherever you turn you'll find beautiful shallow water to snorkel in.... read more

We have thoroughly enjoyed our time in the Exuma's, but have decided not to go further south at this time. We need to do some provisioning after our time ( longer than expected) at Warderick Wells. This is an absolutely amazing spot. We really liked Eleuthera when we were there, so have decided to do some more exploring. Yesterday after our arrival, while walking around, I had the fortune to see a large group of moon jellyfish. I understand they have a mild sting. Still I do not plan to swim with them. I also saw another nurse shark. There are several types of sharks present in the Bahamas, many of which are present in fairly shallow water. It is worth paying attention to the water when swimming. Earlier in the day is better, more than ... read more
banana quits
whale skeleton

We thoroughly enjoyed our stay at the Exuma Land and Sea Park, however we did not intend to stay as long as we did. We and many other vessels were kept on our moorings by persistant high winds. This morning however began a mass exudos as folks were able to move safely again. Guess what...another front coming through tomorrow and the next day...however a much weaker one. We are back on Eleuthera at the Southern End this time, and will explore things we missed last time before heading back into Hatchet Bay Pond. I will post some photos of various spots we have been in the last couple of weeks. ... read more
view at Warderick Wells

About the house we are staying in ~ "Coconut Cove" ~ The house is 5 minutes from the town of Governor's Harbor. Eleuthera is a 110 mile long "skinny" island and we are just about smack in the middle. The dive shop is one hour north, but beaches are all around us. It's a 2 minute walk to one of the beaches from the house. We have a view of the Caribbean Sea and A/C in 1 of the 2 bedrooms . . . what else do we need?!? :-)... read more

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