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Published: March 12th 2010
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setting upsetting upsetting up

setting up for the fair
It's been a great week here on Eleuthera. We have had several days with no frontal passages, nice sunny days, warm clear evenings, and lovely early mornings. What could be better?
We have applied zinc to the required spots as well as some other boat chores.
It's been a pleasure to be invited to people's homes for dinner and company. Various boats have come and gone...some we have met before, others just tucking in for the night before moving on.
The school had it's multicultural fair on Wednesday March 10. This was a much planned for and awaited event. They did a great job. Yesterday the children were obviously excited about the upcoming event, and the teachers were looking slightly frazzled. They choose 7 countries to for each class. The classes in this school range from kindergarten to grade 6. They offered samples of food from each country. I can attest to the fact that it was all delicious. Everyone turned out..parents, other schools, the superintendent of schools for the Bahamas, tourists. In short it was a gala event.
It was loads of fun to watch everyone in their costumes participating, for this day the children

one of the colourful and well performes dances
were not in their uniforms, even the teachers and principle were in colourful costume.
The booths for each country were full of colour, interesting facts and smiling faces. Each visitor was provided with a program and a passport. The passport had question, and received a stamp at each booth. Once your passport was filled you entered it in a draw for a prize.
The performances by the children were very enjoyable. There were songs and various folk dances from the different countries It made for a lively and entertaining day. During a break in the performances spectators were invited to try out hula hoops and other activities the children had used to assist them in their venture.
The activities were make all more remarkable by the fact that this is a very small school with very few resources. What a great way to teach the children about other places. The kindergarten children took on Canada and were among the high points of the presentations. The children representing Belize were also a high point. The truth is they all did a terrific job, and it will, I expect be difficult to settle back down to work.
intermission intermission intermission

fun at intermission
of the young people I work with twice a week is very interested in boats, engines and anything to do with the sea. When we looked at photos of our boat, and the globe showing where I had come from..he was amazed to discover we had such large bodies of fresh water that looked like the sea. He wanted to know why on earth we came here, when we lived in place with that kind of water. It is true we all take for granted what we have in our own backyards.
I ended the day visiting with the fellow who fishes and crabs out of this harbour. Once again we purchased for $10.00 enough fresh crab for two or three meals for the two of us.
I ask you what could be better, than good food, nice surroundings and such inclusion into community activities.


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