The days slip past

Published: February 26th 2010
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company in hatchet baycompany in hatchet baycompany in hatchet bay

General Pattons former boat
Days slip past us here with amazing speed and ease. Although we are not retired and must return to family and work, I could easily get used to this lifestyle. That is for the future, for now we will make the best of the time we have.
On the 15th a friend arrived from home to visit for a few days. Although the weather was cool and greyish we had fun exploring the immediate area by foot, and a little further afield by hitchhiking. Of course we spent time at the Watersedge Internet Cafe and Da Spot. No visit here would be complete without spending time at those two places. All too soon our enjoyable visit was over. I hope he had as good a time as we did.
On Friday 19th another boater from Canada pulled in, and it was someone we knew from our time in Belleville. What a surprise to meet people from home aboard their boats. We ought not be surprised I suppose since there seem to be a largish number of Canadian boats wandering around the Bahamas.
The three of us went to Da Spot Sunday evening chatting with residents and visitors alike.
view of harbourview of harbourview of harbour

more boats on moorings
We were treated to live music by some very good local musicians. Hopefully, we will be able to find out when they will be playing again. Lots of fun listening to songs we know with a distinct Bahamian flavour and new music we have not heard before.
One of the local fisherman arrived Saturday night with his crab catch. Lovely stuff it was too. He tells me he will be going out again on Tuesday, I plan to be on the dock to purchase more of his reasonably priced, delicious catch. Ten dollars nets us enough food for two or three meals, what a deal. Those Stone Crabs are not to be missed if you are ever in this part of the world.
There is a young very curious boy we run into from time to time. He soberly asks us questions about our dingy, and about our boat. If we can meet his parents and they give their permission we would be happy to take him for a ride in the dingy and show him our floating home. His questions appear well thought out and we like to encourage children s curiosity and thirst for new knowledge wherever possible.
As we plan to stay put for a little while, Mark will take care of some boat chores, and I will spend a couple of days a week at the school.


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