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Published: February 20th 2010
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beach Alice Townbeach Alice Townbeach Alice Town

view from Watersedge Cafe
As you all know we were successful in reaching Cape Eleuthera on Feb.,8 2010. It is worth noting that unlike much of the island of Eleuthera the cape appears fairly barren. One does not have to go very far to find hills and trees again however. There is an Island School nearby, which does a lot of research. They are also into organic food production and alternative energy production. When we were there we noticed many building with solar panels of their roofs, and a large windmill. We were told they are attached to the grid, allowing them to supply the grid, and use it to make up any shortfall when that happens.
We waited out winds and made our way to Rock Sound on the 11th of February. This involves staying in a very specific channel, outside of the channel lies many shallow sand bores ( a large unsurveyed area) as well as numerous coral reefs and rocky shoals.
Rock Sound is huge bay, with many spots to anchor. One would have to move around the bay to obtain shelter from various wind directions. It is however so large I believe quite a large chop could be set up
Governors HarbourGovernors HarbourGovernors Harbour

Governors Harbour
there in sustained winds of any strength. It looks like a nice town, but our purpose on that day was strictly business. I stayed with the boat, while Mark did the rounds of the grocery stores and hardware stores etc. We plan to sail back there, but on this occasion it seemed prudent to do our business and head to Hatchet Bay Pond. A gale with sustained winds of 38 knots was expected to arrived beginning as early as Friday evening, this front is to last through Saturday and has a large low embedded in it. We wanted a mooring for this and a less open spot. Other vessels we know were planning to hide at Cape Eleuthera Marina until Monday. An expensive and probably uncomfortable (although safe) spot to be.
We were underway on Friday 12th by 6:45 am in very calm conditions headed to our destination at Hatchet Bay Pond/Alice Town, hoping against hope that there would be moorings available. The wind began to rise about an hour from our destination, so in the end it was a motor trip. We dodged many rows of crab or lobster pots along the way, which became difficult to see
Cape EleutheraCape EleutheraCape Eleuthera

Powell Point
as the wind began to cause chop on the banks.
The expected gale began Friday evening, with high winds and later torrential rain. This rain provided a great fresh water rinse for Witchcraft, something that did not go amiss. We are very happy indeed to be installed on a good mooring, while listening to the wind howl. Since its direction has changed I am hoping to walk over to the ocean side today and watch the waves crashing on the shore there. It should be an impressive sight. Saturday morning the wind is still howling but there is sun to charge our batteries and provide cheer. It should calm down by Monday.
We were welcomed back by residents of the village and cruisers alike on our arrival Friday. Sea stories were exchanged at Franks Watersedge Cafe.
Better save something for later. Will include photos if the connection allows.


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