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Central America Caribbean » Bahamas » Nassau August 29th 2005

So here we are in the Bahamas, staying on Paradise Island at the Atlantis. After much drama at the airport yesterday, we ALL made it here, together. We arrived yesterday afternoon around 4pm and had all night to chill. Unfortunately, today I was sick and had to spend the day in the room sleeping, but thankfully I am feeling better now. Tomorrow morning sometime between 10am and 12:00pm I board the ship. Surprisingly right now, my stomach is fine, I’m completely calm and relaxed, (I’m just a little hungry) but who knows how it will be tomorrow morning though. Tonight my parents and the Demeter’s went to a parent reception on the ship, for parents only, students weren’t allowed on. They were amazed at everything that the ship had to offer and were jealous that they ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Bahamas » Nassau August 25th 2005

Only 4 more nights sleeping in my own bed and only 3 more days to sleep in! My flight Monday morning is direct from Newark, NJ to Nassau, Bahamas. I take off at 8:50am, but I have to be there hours in advance and we live 2 hours away so I guess I'll be getting up around 4:00am! Yikes! At least I'll be in the Bahamas by 12:30pm. I'm staying at the Atlantis Resort on Paradise Island for the night with a bunch of other SASers. I figured this is the trip of a lifetime, why not start it off at a five star resort? I also figured that before too long I would be spending the night in a little hotel somewhere in Brazil where I have to remember not to drink the water. Oh ... read more

No. I am not on the way... Unfortunately I have not travelled for awhile, but now I have a bit of time at my hands, so I decided to sort out my old pics and show it to you :o) I hope you'll like it. The first of many destinations, which I post, is in the Bahamas..... The long lost Atlantis, rediscovered and redreamed by Sol Kerzner, who has also built the famous Sun City and Lost City in South Africa. The most amazing thing about Paradise Island ( formerly knows as Pig Island) where the Hotel/Aquapark/Casino komplex has been built is The Cove, the amazing -and of course worlds largest- aquarium, home of many interesting species. The first time I have heared of Atlantis, was on board M/Y Java, where I've been working as a ... read more

Day 2! I was awake bright and early (who wouldn’t be?), so I went out on our balcony for a couple minutes. It was warm outside with a nice breeze and you could see the entire property as the sun rose. Then I went back inside and finished my first sketch. Then my aunt and uncle woke up and I quickly changed and got my stuff together for the day. We decided to go to the Waters Edge restaurant for a buffet style breakfast. It is located in the coral towers part of the hotel and is right next to the lagoon pool and an artificial shark lagoon. The food was pretty good for a breakfast meal. After that, we walked to the entrance to the hotel to find directions to the ferry terminal, where we ... read more
Predators Viewing Tunnel
Roman Baths Pool

Day 1! We were supposed to be at the airport at about 6:00am for a 7:00am flight, but our flight was postponed until 10:00 am. A few extra hours of sleep, but that meant reaching the island later. Oh well. We decided to leave for the airport at about 8:00am instead. We reached a rental car place and dropped the car we had been driving in off there. Then we waited for a while and took a bus to our terminal where we grabbed coffee and muffins at Starbucks and a bagel from Au Bon Pan for lunch on the plane later. The plane took off at about 10:10am, pretty much on time, and the ride was about 3 and a half hours overall, which seemed like forever considering the adventures we were anticipating. My aunt ... read more
Challenger Slides
Cafe at the Great Hall of Waters

Central America Caribbean » Bahamas » Nassau November 28th 2002

Thanksgiving 2002 Central America Caribbean » Bahamas » Nassau By McDonald_FamilyNovember 28th 2002Gerald McDonald Family(Finally starting to get some of our older trips on the site.) This was a great trip! The colors of the fish in the aquariums were fantastic. We even took a sandcastle building class while we were there; lots of fun! Remember you can always click on the photos to get a closer look.... read more
Prince of the sea
Fun at the pool

Central America Caribbean » Bahamas » Nassau September 13th 2002

Us girls wanted to go somewhere fun, with lots to do, and to just chill and relax, so we thought let's go to the Carribeans!!! After seeing images of The Atlantis Hotel and Dolpins, we knew it had to be Bahamas, and I have to say it was definately one of the best experiences of my life!!! There was so much fun and laughter, I'm surprised I didn't die of it!!! So Vix and I are in Heathrow, and I noticed that I didn't have a ticket Vix did, so I told the ticket desk and they said that everything was fine and I wouldn't have any problems. When we arrived in Miami, I wasn't allowed to check-in to our flight to Bahamas because of that missing ticket! After argueing for what seemed hours, I ... read more
After jet-skiing
On the way to Dolphin Encounter

Central America Caribbean » Bahamas » Nassau August 5th 2002

Geo: 25.0661, -77.339abc... read more

Central America Caribbean » Bahamas » Nassau October 2nd 2000

Cruise with Arlene to Nassau, Bahamas... read more

Central America Caribbean » Bahamas » Nassau January 11th 2000

I'm feeling very tired right now, and my body is reminding me that to much party is not good for me , but come on this is a lifetime travel, I'm beginning to hate this alarm to wake up the passengers of the ship to let us know we have arrived to our next destination, ummm......just five more minutes. And we arrived to Nassau, one of the luxury paradise on earth with a british taste, as a comonwealth member and British ex-Colony they guard a lot of British pecularities, like left circulation, English Colonial arquictecture, very nice Pubs (with some caribbean style), tea-time and very peculiar cultural caracteritics that make the trave worth. Nassau's dowtown was very nice, still feel some of the air of the British Empire, then to continue in our Nassau/Paradise Island express ... read more

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