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hey hey hey!!! well I think this will probably be my last blog, its been a while, and I have been horrible with this I apologize for not writing more! lets just say I havent had much time to write:) So I dont know if you all know but its been hectic the last month on here...this what happened... Tim one of our male dancers got fired..for possession of drugs was a sad day, as he just made a stupid mistake which cost him his job! he was a great guy and a great partner. I was so sad to see him go. Laura(dance captain) went home for a10 days and I took over that role:) it was a long 10 days being dance captain. Then we hit one of our show weeks, and ... read more

Mom & Lee signed onto the Liberty yesterday and I love having them here. Seeing them emphasizes to me how much has happened in the time I’ve been away. It feels like a long time ago, last fall when I was home and living in Toronto. Already I feel lighted, happier, more energized than I have since my transfer. This morning we were in Nassau, Bahamas. Mom, Lee & I went on a “Harbour Cruise” and tour of the Atlantis Resort on Paradise Island.. There wasn’t much to the Harbour Cruise - I think I learned more on the water taxi when I was here last year. But being on an official tour, we got to see a lot more of the resort than when I’d come on my own last year with friends. We were ... read more
Me at Atlantis
Mom & Lee

Wow! What a great day! It all started dreadfully early though...our alarm went off at 3:30 a.m. We made it to the airport and our flights through Miami and then on to Nassau went well. The flights are so short from Tampa there isn't even time for "Beverage Service". Basically, by the time you get in the air it's already time to come back down. This is our second trip to Atlantis but Cannon was pretty young the last time (it was five years ago) so he is sure to enjoy it even more this time. One great addition since our last visit is the addition of "Aquaventure" a 63 acre water park which is incredible. We couldn't wait to try it out since we had done a little research prior to arriving and found out ... read more
Inside the Main Lobby
Gerry and Cannon on the way to Aquaventure
Can I go now?

We touched down at Nassau's tiny international airport at noon today. It's Sammy's first trip to these beautiful islands, and my second (although the first trip was consumed mostly with work, and the two days I spent there were hardly enough to find my way around even downtown Nassau). Fighting my urge to create a daily, minute-by-minute itinerary, I have agreed to Sam's request that we just "relax and wing it" for the duration of the stay. Because we arrived too early to check in, we spent a few hours touring Atlantis' resort grounds and made our way to a bar at the water's edge that we realized was the location for scenes in After the Sunset and Die Another Day . The beaches are inpeccable and the water is this most beautiful shade or turquoise ... read more
Goombay Smash!
Bond, Sam Bond
Paradise Beach

Bahamas Baby...the pictures say it all!!!!!... read more
Atlantis Hotel, Paradise Island
Nassau Town
Main beach

Today we were in the Bahamas and it was a brilliant day. A big group of us (me, Brooks, Brian, Marlize, Samantha, Kevin, Darnell, Jason & Ben) took the water taxi from Nasssau across to Paradise Island. We cruised past the yoga centre I’d looked at doing my teacher training at. Had I spent this year in Toronto, I likely would have saved to go there this past February. As we passed, the guide pointed it out and said how there they “don’t drink, smoke, eat meat or have any nookie-nookie”. Of course everyone laughs and shakes their heads as though they’re crazy and I just thought how much I’d love to be there. So crazy to be right there in front of where I could have been, but living in such a different environment instead. ... read more
On the Water Taxi
Fun On the Water Taxi
Approaching Atlantis

Whew! I am exhausted. These last two days on the boat have been chock full of meetings and drills and introductions that I have barely had time to unpack. To recap on the last few days, I made it safely to the Bahamas by myself where I was immediately regretting my outfit choice of jeans and sweater when I was assaulted by the heat and humidity of the area. I shared a taxi ride to my hotel with another girl and her dad(I think they took pity on me since I was alone) for the low, low price of $60. The Atlantis resort was huge to say the least, but very gorgeous considering its price tag. The first half of the day was not exactly what I was hoping for. It was hard to decipher ... read more

When we woke up early on Friday morning to catch the shuttle to Valle Nevado ski resort outside of Santiago, we were a bit salty. It isn't that Santiago is the worst place in the world or anything. But when the rain sticks you in a place for longer than you need, and you know you missed a chance to be somewhere you might not ever get to again, it's hard to look on the bright side. We hadn't skiied in several years (one of the biggest drawbacks to living in the midwest), and were happy to be going to do something. But our enthusiasm dimmed for a while during the trek. First of all, the resort is only 60 km or so away, and the books and resorts use this number to mislead you. The ... read more
Action Shot
Surrounded by Mountains
Chilling in Chile

wow. all the buildings are pink here. it looks like the energizer bunny threw up everywhere!! We set sail on thursday for Puerto Rico and the journey begins. I started my malaria pills and already the vivid dreams have begun. If you've ever had a dream that seemed so real, multiply it times 100. I've never been afraid to sleep before. Mostly there just dreams filled with anxiety and nausea...hmmm. I wonder why. Could I be a little excited/ nervous? No, not Liz :) Funny enough, i had met a girl named Kerry from Doylestown before I left and we ended up sitting next to each other on the plane. Life is weird and unpredictable. Everything is buzzing with excitement as our ship is sitting in port.. it's not exactly lacking in size, either! Boarding the ... read more

Day 2! I was awake bright and early (who wouldn’t be?), so I went out on our balcony for a couple minutes. It was warm outside with a nice breeze and you could see the entire property as the sun rose. Then I went back inside and finished my first sketch. Then my aunt and uncle woke up and I quickly changed and got my stuff together for the day. We decided to go to the Waters Edge restaurant for a buffet style breakfast. It is located in the coral towers part of the hotel and is right next to the lagoon pool and an artificial shark lagoon. The food was pretty good for a breakfast meal. After that, we walked to the entrance to the hotel to find directions to the ferry terminal, where we ... read more
Predators Viewing Tunnel
Roman Baths Pool

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