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January 25th 2014
Published: January 25th 2014
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Hi all, well Cuba and Havana a real experience, we arrived via the harbor and garrisons both to stop the pirates in the 1600's, we then were taken on a city tour with 1950's cars our was a 1952 chevvie but with a 2010 Toyota diesal engine, went along the foreshore and into the old town to the capital building, Revaolation Square

then to the hotel Hemingway frequented for a cocktail, this is also where there is a museum room with photos of the film stars, Gary Cooper, Ava Gardner, Errol Flynn and many more, plus the mafia bosses from the USA.

houses were very poor and needed lots, yes lots of work done one them, off to to another bar Hemingway frequented for a look and cocktail, well put strait into a jet plane sure it would fly, mainly rum, buildings were need of repair and most people were not working relying on Government hand outs to survive. +

Then afternoon we walked through the old town, although the guide spoke about there economy the big thing Nickel by a Canadain company followed by 7000000 cigars a year then tourists, pretty sad hey.

Afternoon we walked through the old town, many shops but still selling same old same old nothing different, hotels left to fall apar due to no repair etc.

Next day we went on our own to explore the city, same thing kids playing soccer, and other sports with their teacher in a cobble stone square.

We went past the stadium where Pan Am Games were held in 1991 or there about's now poor complex with the light towers rusted and not a light to be seem in them

all rusted and not a globe to be seen.

Next day we went to Hemmingway/s house he entertained Cooper, Gardener and many others of importance to his writing ability plus many other global celebraties, then to the bar by the seaside he frequented and penned the Book Old Man of the Sea one of his friend a fisherman from the area. Another Jet fuel cocktail and off we go, then to Floridiaries another bar frequented by Hemingway and of course another jet steam cocktail, all good and lot of fun.

Cuba and Havana is very ned of money to get up to speed, building showing need of repair, but nobody works, all food from the state as is in all communistic countries, so why work, biggest export earner Canadian nickel Mine, then 7000000 cgars a year followed by tourists, only produce enough sugar, coffee to sustain local needs.

Today to Nassua the second largest economy behind USA and Canada so tells you how this area is.

We got couple hours to explore the wharf area tomorrow before departure.

See you home Monday,

Margaret and Ken

Margaret and Ken


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