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First love, sorry, it's not about a woman here, it's about a place! It was back in January 1995 while I was still a university student. Back than, I was fortunate to spend a lot of time teaching golf for Club Med...while attending university full time! Well, internet was not widespread yet, but my uni books did travel a lot with me! And that winter of 1995/1996, I spent most of my winter cold nights between the Bahamas and Marbella (Spain). I know, that was rather cool! I actually spent four weeks next to Governor's Harbour on Eleuthera. I know, most of you have never even heard of that place. Eleuthera is kind of well known for the pink sand beaches, yes, the sand is simply pink! I can tell you, that's something! This is the ... read more
Did I mention...the sand is Pink!
I made my first open water dive ever here, back in January 1995!
Harbour Island

A day out at Harbour Island On one of the days when we were in the Bahamas we decided to make a trip to Harbour Island. Harbour Island is less touristy than Nassau but is still somewhat of a tourist trap. It is a cute place though. Dunmore Town, the major settlement on the island, is an old fishing village with narrow roads and low houses. Today it is a popular destination for tourists and the major draw card is a beach where the sand is pink. It's called Pink Sand Beach. How they came up with that name is a complete mystery. The actual grains of the sand are not pink at all. They are either red or white. The combination of red and white grains makes the sand appear to be pink. We never ... read more
The Haunted House
The Haunted House

Harbour Island is my favorite excursion in Bahamas. It is an out island just one mile off the northern coast of Eleuthera. It is about 2.5 hours ferry ride from Nassau. The island is so small, 3 mile long, 1 mile wide that the best way to explore its charming landscape is by golf-cart! Harbour island is famous for the "Pink Sand Beach". Why is it pink? This is what I found after consulting google: the beach's pink color comes from microscopic coral insects called Foraminifera. With bright pink or red shells, they thrive underneath reefs, on sea floors, beneath rocks and caves. Foraminifera wash up on shore when waves or fish knock them loose. The beach was light pink. The water was crystal clear with mixed of deep blues. There were very few people on ... read more
It is pink
A Handful of Pink Sand
The Island View

The Steiner Family in its entirety went to Harbour Island in the Bahamas ( for the celebration of the family matriarch, Gilberte's 80th birthday, post Christmas and New Years. The week was filled with joy, celebration, sunshine and snorkeling. The entire clan stayed at the Coral Sands Resort and we literally drank the hotel under the table  Our favorite parts were: • The entire restaurant toasting to the life and health of Gilberte as we celebrated her big day • Sunrises on the beach • Taking a boat out with Aunt Catherine and the younger kids and scuba diving/snorkeling. Also, Laurie being out swam by 12 year old Anna. • Charlie chasing us through the sea as we rowed along in our Kayak. Charlie’s favorite part of the trip was tipping our boat. Laurie’s ... read more
First Stop: WaterTaxi
Red V. Tan...
Daily View

Flying In to North Eleuthera So close yet so far, we flew down to FLL which was nuts and finally got into this rattle trap. The family took up half the airplane. But if anyone ever needed a beach vacation, we did, look at those mugs. The only way to get into Harbour Island, in many ways as exclusive as St. Barths, is via plane to North Eleuthera followed by a ferry ride to Harbour Island which sits 2 miles across the bay. Harbour Island & Dumore Town Forget Nassau, Freeport, Paradise Island, Coco Key, and any of the other cruise ship islands. If you want to see some great islands, go to the other Bahamanian islands. You truly feel some of the old English colonial spirit and there are not the cruise ship loads coming ... read more
Little Cookoo
Coral Sands Resort: Our Room
View from the Room

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