Half Moon Cay

Published: October 7th 2018
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Kamie woke-up at 6:02am this morning. He was awake, lights on, and out of bed before 7:30am yesterday. I cannot get this man out of bed before 3pm sometimes at home and this is what he chooses to do on vacation?? Eh.

We arrived in Half Moon Cay, Bahamas today. Half Moon Cay is Carnival’s privately-owned island so it’s only Carnival employees and Carnival cruisers on the island. It’s one big beach party. Sand like flour. Aqua waters. Beautiful. We put on our swimsuits, lathered and sprayed 100 proof sunscreen everywhere, and caught one of the first water shuttles over to the island. I swam a lot more than Kamie. It was the kind of place I could stay all day if I had some sort of floaty and Kamie would stay with me. However, within a couple of hours people were getting burned and my face was bright red even though I had double-layered the sunscreen on my face. We were out of the water and back on the ship quick. It was incredibly hot today so I stayed inside and read a book.

We have an interesting table at dinner. Chris is a Catholic from the Philippines who is newly engaged to a tall Albino-looking girl who is a Mormon-turned-Atheist from the Salt Lake City area. This is his third marriage. I’m not judging. I am saying that these two look like opposites attract. They’ve spent over $1,200 in the casino so far this trip but she says their wedding budget is $0. We only had four people at dinner tonight. Apparently, since we skipped dinner last night to watch the outdoor movie, we missed a couple from Texas… and he was wearing a Stetson and was good-looking according to Chris’ fiancé. Sorry I missed that. 😉

We had a relaxing day today but it’s lightening, thundering, and storming heavily outside right now. Our ship is rocking back and forth a lot. We also don’t seem to be on the correct course to visit Nassau tomorrow so we’ll see what happens. We don’t have Internet access so we could be avoiding a hurricane for all we know. The ship doesn’t tell you things like that because too many passengers would freak out.

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