Hoffmans Cay

Published: May 26th 2006
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Jen and Jay at the BeachJen and Jay at the BeachJen and Jay at the Beach

Sitting under the umbrella together at the beach.
We arrived at Hoffmans Cay and found it to be a great little spot to enjoy all that the Berry Islands had to offer and ended up staying there for over a week because we liked it so much. Not only was there still great fishing but we were nestled in between lots of smaller islands which we could explore. Out typical day was to read and enjoy our coffee in the cool morning breeze. Around noon the sun would get high in the sky and we would all start getting hot. That is when we would start the process of gathering up all our stuff for the beach. Once at the beach Kona and Zoe would swim (Kona’s favorite new game is to chase after rocks that we would throw in the water) while we would float on our boogie boards and noodles to cool off. Eventually we would get out of the water and sit in the shade of our umbrella, reading books or playing cards. Later in the afternoon we would discuss what we would want for dinner, either fish or conch. Then Chris and Jay would go off fishing while Kelly and I would hold down the
The anchorageThe anchorageThe anchorage

The anchorage at Hoffmans Cay, nestled between lots of small islands.
fort at the beach with the dogs. Sometimes Kelly and I would go kayaking around the small islands, admiring the different rock formations in the limestone walls of the islands. Eventually Jay and Chris, the victorious fishermen, would come back to the beach and show us their catch (it was always impressive). By the end of the day we would head back to the boats to clean the fish and prepare dinner. After the feast we would all hang out on one of our boats, watching tv or just looking up at the stars with an after dinner drink in our hands. It truly is a good life and we had a great time.

One of my favorite things that we have done since we got here was to go and swim in the blue hole on Hoffmans Cay. After anchoring the dinghy on the beach we hiked up thru the underbrush about a half mile until it cleared and we were standing at the edge of a giant hole in the ground. You look down into a big, salt water pool that is at least 50 feet deep and is surrounded by rock cliffs all around that are
Rock FormationRock FormationRock Formation

The beautiful rock formations in the islands around Hoffmans Cay.
about 25 feet tall. There is a small path that leads down to the water’s edge, but that is not the way we decide to go. First Chris jumped off the cliff and into the water, then Jay, followed by Kelly and myself. Although I must admit it took me about 40 minutes to gather up enough courage to jump off the cliff and I would only do it after Jay hiked back up and did it with me. What can I say, it is a big jump! Everyone had a great time swimming around the blue hole, including Kona. And after we were all done, after Chris and Jay jumped in from the cliffs edge a couple of more times, and we were all tired of swimming we hiked up out of the blue hole and stood at the edge. Chris and Kelly told us that there are 2 giant groupers that live deep in the blue hole and that you can see them if you feed them. Knowing this we brought big hunks of fish that we caught the day before and threw it over the edge of the cliff and into the water. And sure enough a

Our favorite beach in Hoffmans Cay.
giant grouper (about 40 pounds) came out from the depths for the tasty morsel. It was very cool. Unfortunately we only saw one of the groupers that day and we all worried that someone might have caught the other one for dinner. Seeing that most cruisers that we talk to know about and feed these groupers, they are kind of like pets now and the thought that one is dead is very sad. Nonetheless, it was a great day.

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Hanging out at the BeachHanging out at the Beach
Hanging out at the Beach

A typical afternoon in Hoffmans.

Jen floating at the beach, cooling down from the hot Bohemian sun.
The Blue HoleThe Blue Hole
The Blue Hole

Standing at the edge of the blue hole, after hiking up the overgrown trail.
The JumpThe Jump
The Jump

Jay jumping off the cliff and into the deep water below.

All of us swimming at the Blue hole.

Jen and Kona swimming in the blue hole.

Sunset at Hoffmans- we think we actually saw the green flash that night. Wow!

26th May 2006

Great pics of the Blue Hole; you were really brave to do this. Maybe, you will be ready for Cliff Diving in Acapulco!!!!
21st June 2006

Blue Hole/Hoffman's Cay
I have just returned from the Berry Islands and both groupers are still there, and were fed. The boys were chomping at the bit to fish for them, but they were not allowed. Looks like you had a beautiful trip as we did. We were in the Bahamas for 2 weeks on a sportcruiser and had a fabulous time.
15th August 2010

That's my family's Island.
It's Bahamian sun, not Bohemian.

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