The Berry Islands

Published: May 26th 2006
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Rum Runner SailingRum Runner SailingRum Runner Sailing

On the way to the Berries- Chris and Kelly got a picture of us sailing.
We left the Sea of Abaco and sailed out across the Atlantic to the Berries, another island chain in the Bahamas. The geography of this area always amazes me. There literally are hundreds of islands in the Bahamas and they are divided into separate groupings by the deep Atlantic Ocean. The three major sets of island we want to go to are the Abacos, the Berries, and the Exumas. The water in between the islands is very shallow, 10-15 feet at most, because they are all on the bank. But as soon as you go thru an inlet, off the bank and into the Atlantic Ocean, the depth drops to 3000 feet within a half a mile. It is truly an amazing experience when you sail between these island chains, and can be quite nerve racking watching the depth meter as you leave or enter the banks.

The Berry Islands are uninhabited, for the most part. There are only 3 islands in the whole chain that have civilization. Most if the islands are very rugged and not that many cruisers come to this area, which really appealed to us. Because it isn’t as popular of a destination, the beaches are

We wake at 6 am to sail to the Berry Islands.
pristine and empty and the fishing is amazing! You would not believe how many fish we have caught and how much bigger the fish are here. We haven’t had a night in the last 2 weeks that we have been here without fresh fish for dinner. We really are having a great time here, the Berries are proving to be the island paradise we have been looking for. Every day here is filled with a new and wonderful experience that we never imagined or expected and it has a natural beauty beyond your imagination.

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Jen sleeps peacefully as freighters pass by. Why are we so close to such a big ship, is the ocean not big enough for the two of us?
Kona at SeaKona at Sea
Kona at Sea

Kona, the old salty dog, has adjusted well to the Rum Runner. Notice how he is on the lookout!

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