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Central America Caribbean » Bahamas » Andros October 17th 2009

A little bit of diving, a little bit of spearfishing, a little bit of bone fishing...... read more
Oct 11 to 17. Fresh Creek, Andros Island-5
Oct 11 to 17. Fresh Creek, Andros Island-9
Oct 11 to 17. Fresh Creek, Andros Island-10

Central America Caribbean » Bahamas » Andros October 24th 2008

"Dedicated to the Living Memory of Moira Penzes, She will always allow the donkey to bathe the sparrow gently" I woke up today and took a big dookie. Whiskey here seems to be the brown bottom flu and can wreak hell upon the anus the next day. As I sat on the porcelain throne praying to all my relatives past, I looked through the keyhole of the bathroom door. Now I’m not an artist and I don’t really care for art. I’d rather be beaten by a bunch of Texans in an alleyway for cheating at poker than walk around a museum filled with paintings and statues of naked philosophers. My art itch strikes me rarely and at the most ridiculous times. This time, it was during poop. All the room keyholes in Irish homes are ... read more
Gravy Delight
Bubbah Bear and the Trex

Central America Caribbean » Bahamas » Andros September 1st 2008

As some of you may know, I went to the Bahamas for about a week. It was not a vacation though. I was working. We took a research boat, the Coral Reef II to the Bahamas to search for something called submarine hardgrounds. These are cemented areas of sediment that are important to facilitate coral and Stromatolite growth. Most of my pictures are on facebook at: But I have posted some other photos also. ... read more
On the Boat
Bahamas sunset

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