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Acklins is scattered with limestone caves such as Jumbey Hole. These caves were believed to serve as shelter for some of the Lucayan Indians, pirates, and English settlers. FYI....Bring insect repellant if you plan to explore the caves.... read more
Limestone Cave
Limestone Cave
Limestone Cave

St. Aiden's Anglican Church, from the 1800's, sits on Pompey Bay Beach. The settlement of Pompey Bay provides historians with amazing findings. Pompey Bay is rich with archeological findings. You can visit other findings in Pompey Bay, from the 1800's and beyond, such as one of the largest Lucayan Indian settlements in the Bahamas.... read more
Plaque inside St. Aiden's Anglican Church
Inside St. Aiden's Anglican Church
Inside St. Aiden's Anglican Church

Lovely Bay is a prime location if you want to disconnect digitally from the world and sway with the sounds of gentle waves on the beach. Lovely Bay is a small island about 2 miles long. It is located in the northern region of Acklins with a shallow passage that separate itself from Crooked Island. Lovely Bay is connected to Acklins by a small land bridge. There is one primary school on Lovely Bay. Seeing the kids walk to school dressed up in their uniforms and saying good morning as you pass is a reminder of the genuine hospitality that exist on Family Islands such as Acklins. The population is about 75 people, with two bars and restaurants, one store, three churches, and currently one modest accommodation for lodging. William's Rent-A-Car is one of the few ... read more
Sunset on Lovely Bay
Moored Boats in Lovely Bay
Lovely Bay Cay

I had the pleasure of touring Grey's Point Bonefish Inn. I have not stayed on this property as a guest yet. But one day I hope to lodge on this property. The business is owned and operated by Mr. and Mrs. Williamson and their family. The property has all-inclusive packages for those interested in bone/flat fishing and/or off shore/deepwater fishing. The rooms are very accommodating with A/C, wireless internet, and comfortable furnishings. In addition, meals are prepared on property at your request. Mr. Williamson was born and raised in Northern Acklins. He has a wealth of knowledge about the history of Acklins and the other surrounding islands. I hope to upload more detailed entries of Mr. Williamson and Grey's Point Bonefish Inn in the near future. 😊 For more information, please go to ... read more

Whenever I land in Acklins, Reno's Grill and Chill is one of the first places I always stop before checking into my room. Meals could take at least 30 minutes to prepare since the food is fresh and cooked to order. So be patient. The food is worth the wait. After I place my lunch or dinner order, I usually get a drink, sit and chill under the tree, and get my feet wet while scrolling along the Bight of Acklins. Reno's Grill and Chill is a take-away that offers many native dishes cooked fresh to order. The price is very reasonable. But the big bonus is the fresh seafood. I know I am in for a treat when I see Reno walking from the Bight with the fresh catch of the day. I usually run ... read more
Fresh Conch Salad
The Bight of Acklins
Special Order

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