Lovely Bay, Acklins

Published: November 7th 2017
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Lovely Bay is a prime location if you want to disconnect digitally from the world and sway with the sounds of gentle waves on the beach. Lovely Bay is a small island about 2 miles long. It is located in the northern region of Acklins with a shallow passage that separate itself from Crooked Island. Lovely Bay is connected to Acklins by a small land bridge. There is one primary school on Lovely Bay. Seeing the kids walk to school dressed up in their uniforms and saying good morning as you pass is a reminder of the genuine hospitality that exist on Family Islands such as Acklins. The population is about 75 people, with two bars and restaurants, one store, three churches, and currently one modest accommodation for lodging. William's Rent-A-Car is one of the few car rental businesses on Acklins. To rent a vehicle, you can contact Mr. Williams at (242)467-1755. Tell him Cousin Kenneth from Anderson Hill, Acklins sent you. 😊

Lovely Bay is bordered to its north by a swallow tranquil bay. The bay is clear and swallow. The waves break off the coral reefs to the north of the bay. To the south of Lovely Bay are the mangrove. Lovely Bay is also surrounded by several uninhabited cays. Private tours can be arranged since this small island is made up of mostly fishermen and boater. You can arrange a lunch on a private cay, a fishing trip in the flats or deep sea, a trip to Atwood Harbour, snorkeling on the reefs, or just sit on the dock in Lovely Bay and watch the sunset. Other activities include kayaking the bay, bike rides to Nancy Cove and Pestle Peninsula. There is also a cay that is solely inhabited by the endangered Acklins Ground Iguanas. But only a few residents know where "Iguana Cay" is located.

Lovely Bay may lack in 5 or 4 or even 3 star accommadations. But it makes up for it when it comes to the scenic untouched nature, water/beach activities, snorkeling on the reefs, and secluded/romantic getaways. There is no need to rush or even have a watch when you are on this little island. Once the residents warm up to you, it's like having a home away from home. Once you see the sunset in Lovely Bay, you will understand why this island is so lovely.

Lovely Bay has
Moored Boats in Lovely BayMoored Boats in Lovely BayMoored Boats in Lovely Bay

Lovely Bay is a protected bay that provides excellent anchorage for boaters.
a special place in my heart. This is where I got my nickname "Cousin Kenneth". 😊

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Lovely Bay CayLovely Bay Cay
Lovely Bay Cay

There are many secluded cays between Lovely Bay, Acklins and Crooked Island. You can walk on private, soft, sandy beaches for miles and not see another foot print in the sand.
Wilshire Beneby's MonumentWilshire Beneby's Monument
Wilshire Beneby's Monument

Reverend Beneby was the pastor of Bethel Baptist Church in Lovely Bay (1953-1994).
Wilshire Beneby's MonumentWilshire Beneby's Monument
Wilshire Beneby's Monument

Reverend Beneby was the pastor of Bethel Baptist Church in Lovely Bay (1953-1994).
Acklins Ground IguanaAcklins Ground Iguana
Acklins Ground Iguana

The Acklins Ground Iguana is one of the two endangered Bahamian species that are native to Acklins. The Bahamian Hutia is the other endangered species located off the coast of Acklins. The Acklins Ground Iguanas are smaller and much faster than the famous and also endangered Exuma Island Iguanas.
Corn, Morter, and PestleCorn, Morter, and Pestle
Corn, Morter, and Pestle

The residents of Lovely Bay proudly showed me how corn is grinded with mortar and pestle. This practice goes back to the Pre-Columbian era and is still being kept alive today.
Pans of cornPans of corn
Pans of corn

Grinded corn is placed in pans for sifting. The pans are hand made from stray by locals. This practice goes back to Pre-Columbian era. The corn is grinded up and tossed in the air to sift or seperate the kernels from the unwanted portion of the corn.

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